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How TV Advertising Is Making A Comeback In 2017

Family watching TV in the fifties

Hi! Welcome (back) to our blog!

As our website evolves, this is where you’ll find general updates, interesting insights and other articles of distraction… such as this:

Don’t call it a comeback

It would be an understatement of epic proportions to say 2017’s set to be an interesting year, but even whittling it down to the confines of The Specialist Works and our industry; 2017’s set to be an interesting year! Thanks to the impressive growth of our clients, we’re growing too. And whilst we welcome the new skills and experiences that brings into the office, now we need a bigger coffee machine. And more biscuits. In the meantime, we’re particularly excited about the manner in which TV advertising is making a serious comeback as the advertisers’ media of choice.

Changes In Social Media Strategies

There’s been a growing realisation that consumer behaviour online has changed so quickly, that previously effective social network strategies and the like just don’t work like they once did. And under scrutiny, how accurate are those prized online metrics that first won advertisers’ hearts? A click can mean very little.

On the other hand, TV. It’s always been there, big, bold and able to scream a message into your living room with unparalleled clarity. And increasingly, those data-metrics, expected to qualify ad spend, are attainable for television too. So the tables are turning, or rather… overlapping. That’s something our data science team get rather excited about. Deep data, ya dig? We do.

Video advertising reigns supreme

Obviously, online advertising is still crucial. But online means video now. So the line’s a little blurry there… TV… mobile… online. We can probably expect to see even Google and Facebook pursue a more TV-like style of advertising in the future. It doesn’t really matter, the point is: now we’ve got the data, video advertising reigns supreme once again.

We’re continuing our endeavours to marry data-scientific genius with properly effective TV ads, already moving at speed, so don’t mind us if we call ‘shotgun’ on this particular bandwagon!

Image credit: Wikipedia Commons