The Partnership Network

Valuable partnerships with unbeatable benefits

Deliver amazing low-cost customer acquisition with CRM benefits by joining a unique and powerful sharing economy

The Partnership Network sharing economy

Brands are coming together. The Partnership Network creates a framework of sharing, cooperation and collaboration that massively benefits everyone involved.

Get more customers with unstoppable partnerships

Join an exclusive club of businesses that are using AdCredits to add value to current customers whilst winning new ones.

Give your customers unique offers from well-matched but non-competing brands, and access their customers in return.


as many customers can be reached with an AdCredits insert trade (average £5 CPM) for the same cost of normal transactional inserts (average £40 CPM).

Source: TSW client data

“Parcel inserts are my third most profitable marketing channel, and the most profitable one that is expandable in the short term.”
Andy Crang, The White Company

5-second case study

Using an AdCredits value pot, a premium clothing retailer fully funded a marketing launch into the USA and Australia, allowing them to explore new territories without any additional cost to the business.

Evolve your budget

Turn your own customer communications into additional revenue streams with an AdCredits value pot. Transform this directly into new opportunities and grow your marketing budget. As a bonus, you’ll be adding value for your existing customers too.

And countless more benefits

Once on-board, you’ll benefit from a range of initiatives including networking events and the best value insert rates in the market through social buying and shared ad format opportunities.

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