Redefined TV that delivers brand and response

A new way of doing TV that isn’t just brand awareness or direct response. It’s both. Powerful brand campaigns that are more flexible, measured and optimised live

48%  of the average person’s chosen media day is TV

48% of the average person’s chosen media day is TV

Fame and performance

TV shouldn’t just be about brand awareness or direct response. At TSW, you can get both. Enjoy revolutionary brand tracking reports on brand metrics and social engagement. At the same time, supercharge performance by combining big, exciting, high-profile TV spots with lower profile channels that unlock efficiency at scale. Deliver the numbers and get the fame.

5 second case studies:

After a creative and media refit, Voyage Privé saw a huge reduction in TV-attributed cost-per-registration. The performance improved so dramatically that they have gone from being a seasonal to 'always on' advertiser, able to drive new customers cost-effectively year-round instead of just during peak times.Read more...

A significant (triple-digit) increase in sales achieved for PhotoBox after TSW took over TV planning from their former agency.

Optimising TV targeting cut cost-per-action by 50% for a major Fast Track 100 e-commerce company. 

Impossible? Yeah right

Improving TV has long been “impossible” because "that’s the way things are”. But it's just not true. Flexibility is possible. Improved efficiencies are available. Network agencies simply cannot buy this way – that’s why we have won every pitch against one since 2014.

  • Forecast with confidence with measurable campaigns.
  • Confirm campaigns later, giving you more flexibility.
  • No share deals and no package buying achieves 30–50% better targeting so no wasted spend reaching wrong audiences.
  • Ground-breaking  tracking allows you to attribute sales and other actions to individual TV spots. 
  • Receive daily performance reports so you know exactly how your TV is working.
  • Optimise your campaigns while they are live to constantly improve performance.

TV for Apps

Benefit from the scale of TV with all the comforts of digital marketing. Go beyond downloads and installs and attribute in-app purchases and other actions to individual TV spots, allowing you to optimise your campaigns to perfection. Plus, get huge retargeting opportunities by understanding what drove TV audiences to download your app. Find out more.

Unrivalled value

Experience major cost savings by joining the exclusive Powerhouse buying cooperative. 

Global reach

Get TV campaigns designed for local markets, wherever you are in the world.

  • Europe
  • North America
  • Australia
  • Far East

Broadcast media drives response through digital, so you should check out our way of managing Paid Search, Affiliate Marketing and Retargeting to maximise this.

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