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Paid search that boosts all media spend

A great paid search strategy exponentially boosts the rest of your media spend. Get paid search that’s developed to actually complement and power your other media.

50% of paid search clicks happen on mobile

50% of paid search clicks happen on mobile

The result of everything

Do you know how your TV, inserts, direct mail and other media channels are driving people to search? Search is the response channel for all your media. It affects everything else you’re spending on. And when built together, the results of paid search are brilliant.

41% of clicks on the search page go to the top 3 paid adverts

41% of clicks on the search page go to the top 3 paid adverts

Epic results

TSW consistently delivers an average 22% efficiency boost when taking over paid search strategy. It comes from a customer-focused understanding of what’s driving people to search. Not just targeting standalone keywords.

How many of your paid search clicks are being driven by your TV advertising? Get a better understanding of what’s working and what’s not. See search as part of the wider mix and attribute search response to your other media.

Unrivalled value, extreme scale

Pay less for any given click in any position than your competitors. You’re rewarded for having better quality adverts, but knowing exactly how to create the best paid search ads, especially at scale, has long been a tricky task. TSW employs a unique toolset and process designed to overcome this issue.

5-second case study:

After nearly halving acquisition costs from paid search in the UK, one TSW client wanted the strategy rolled out into other markets. Their paid search efficiency was then increased by over 33% in France and Germany.

Paid Search should be tracked and monitored alongside other ‘last click’ channels such as Affiliate Marketing and Retargeting to maximise response from Brand Performance activity.

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