The Specialist View – Sustainable Mail

Specialist advice on how to make the most of your channel in today’s media market.

22nd May 2023 Read time: 2 minutes
What's happening?

Sustainability is the word on everyone’s mind right now. This is something that should be front of mind for your brand, particularly when it comes to printed materials. When considering your marketing mix, mail can be a surprisingly sustainable choice. We’ve pulled together our top tips to make your print campaigns more sustainable:

Maximise sustainability through printing: One key aspect that’s a quick and easy route to a more sustainable print campaign is ensuring your paper is sourced from certified forests.

Shout about sustainability through design: Use any accreditations that your print allows within your creative and consider how to ensure that the paper you are delivering is clearly 100% recyclable.

Clean data reduces waste: People move house, change their name, and pass away. Knowing that the data you have is accurate is vital to minimising waste and the impact on the environment.

What's in store?

Over the next few weeks, Joint Industry Committee for Mail (JICMAIL) will be releasing a new report on mail attention (the amount of time consumers spend with their mail). The new report should provide additional insight for advertisers to drive greater effectiveness from the door drop channel.

Consumer Duty Regulation changes from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) setting higher and clearer standards of consumer protection across financial services come in towards the end of July. This is a huge opportunity for the mail channel to deliver trusted product and service information to consumers [Source: JICMAIL].

What else?

It’s now a month and a half until Google makes the move to GA4. Are you ready for the transition?

AA/WARC has downgraded its ad spend growth forecast. The expenditure report shows that although the UK’s ad market grew to 34.8bn (up +8.8%) in 2022, projections for 2023 have been downgraded from +3.8% to 0.5%. This is the 9th consecutive quarter of reported growth, however (no matter how small).

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