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Agility and Innovation with eHarmony

With innovation and rapid reaction, eHarmony and TSW find new opportunities in our uncertain political landscape.


In amongst the political turbulence we are facing in the UK right now, you wouldn’t think looking for love would be at the top of anyone’s priority list. However, with some very clever research, eHarmony have found that their consumers have a strong dislike for uncertainty; a feeling that such political unrest induces.

It is when order is restored (or a new (or not-so-new) Prime Minister is elected) that consumer priorities re-engage with the prospect of finding love. So much so, that eHarmony see a surge of new customers on site, click here for more details.

Using the quick-fire power of press, layered with social media, eHarmony and TSW seized this fertile opportunity to engage with new consumers.

eHarmony teamed up with TSWCreative experts to convey their brand’s unique charm and wit, but also their honesty and transparency. Their simple, clear messaging offers consumer the clean relief from political jargon and cynicism-inducing promises which have flooded media over the last few months. In amongst such political divisions and choices is the brand that unifies; results everyone can love.

The placement and delivery of these ads were key to the success of the real-time campaign.

TSW’s rapid media buying resulted in eHarmony securing their position in The Daily Telegraph the morning of the election result, Friday 9th June. On the short-term market, our press experts secured the first 25×4 in the book, a position under the election edit and a solus ad on the page.

The press ads were supported by a paid and owned social media campaign which upheld the same real-time creative theme.

TSW’s reactionary creative execution and flexible buying power not only showcased eHarmony to new consumers at a crucial time, but also highlighted them as a brand at the forefront of societal movement; quick to reassure in times of turbulence.

‘Thanks for all your team’s great work & support this week. We’re lucky with the result – at least from a work perspective, the ‘coalition’ copy could not have been more timely!’ Romain Bertrand, Managing Director UK, eHarmony

For more information contact Grant Crymble at [email protected] or 01761 234822.