Ah, inserts. Let’s cut to the chase. They work - they can be up to ten times more responsive than display advertising on a page. 
And we can prove it but we won’t bore you here with all the graphs and charts (although we’ll happily come and see you - just give us a call), we’ll give you a few facts and figures to be going on with…

TSW books more inserts than any other agency:  27% of all inserts in 2014 - over 1.6 billion  (Source: Nielsen). And there’s one thing we never forget: they’re another crucial part of your brand that you send out into the world to put across your offer, promise and personality.

We have a unique, four-point inserts planning model that asks a simple, fundamental question: what return do you get for your money?        

We can show you how national press inserts can be booked by ‘micro’ region (80 areas); how poly-bagged inserts perform better than non-poly-bagged; how bound-in inserts in TV listings can double response; how title/brand-endorsed inserts can increase response by 15%-35%.

You’ll see how third party inserts – letting you ‘piggyback’ other companies’ customer mailings – can help you get the very best from your budget.

And we’ll book all this for you without you paying a premium. Believe us, inserts work. It just depends on who’s doing the inserting.