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87% lift in assessment leads 511% increase (YoY)

Excited by TSW’s disruptively agile AV and digital model, Australian-based Kip McGrath appointed us to launch their brand to the UK in September 2016.

Within one month they saw an impressive 87% lift in assessment leads, followed by their highest ever number of leads with an astounding 511% increase (YoY) by mid-Jan 2017.

Kip McGrath’s challenge was two-fold: raise awareness of their UK-based education centres to parents, and also to drive bookings for free assessments for children.

TSW rose to the challenge with a combined approach; layering a brand new testimonial-style TV ad to drive large brand awareness, with a highly targeted, creative direct response campaign on Facebook to provide a full fronted marketing plan.

Working closely and collaboratively with the client, The Specialist Works Creative team managed the production a new testimonial-style ad. The ad incorporated a sense of the brand’s ethics and identity while producing a clear call to action.

TSWCreative’s hallmark holistic, brand performance approach demonstrated consistency across all platforms including AV and digital, working in tandem with the media plan to create a discernable uplift in assessment leads.

Armed with a new creative execution, clever targeting and optimisation were absolutely essential to the campaign’s success.

With the use of targeting technology (including 4C), TSW increased the reach and frequency in which interested consumers were seeing the ads on both Facebook and on TV. To refine this even further, certain Facebook ads were only activated when certain TV ads were live. This created a second-screening tactic where users would see the Kip McGrath brand on their TV and on their tablet/phone/desktop at the same time.

Similarly, TSW created a measure where we could identify the exact demographic of people who were best interacting the ads and the brand itself by segmenting audiences by the age of their child. Dividing the segments into parents with children aged 6-8 yrs, 9-12 yrs and then 13-17 yrs allowed us to see at which age range do parents look to tutor their children most frequently, and thus optimise this segment for future campaigns.

Furthermore, by using the geo-targeting option on Facebook we could also hone in on parents who lived within certain distance of each Kip McGrath franchise and create specific copy to identify these individuals and highlight the proximity and accessibility of the centres near them.

TSW’s detailed strategy and execution have resulted Kip McGrath’s highest ever number of leads: 511% increase (YoY) in just a few months.

“Thank you everyone for your help to bring to life the very first National Advertising Campaign for Kip McGrath UK. I have recorded an impressive 87% lift in assessment leads for the month of September, a great first result!”
Julie Russell
Global Marketing Manager