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multi-channel, layered strategy delivers 20% reduction in cost per new customer

Express Gifts have gone from strength to strength adding Inserts, Press and finally TV to their growing TSW tool belt over the past four years, achieving a 79% increase in YoY Revenue between 2015-2016.

During March 2015 Express Gifts made the move to TSW, appointing us to drive their press campaigns with the use of:
  • Average savings of 10% on core media titles (taken from the incumbent)
  • Vast improvement in positioning (without premium penalties)
  • Broadened media choice
  • In-campaign optimisation

The result? Average response rate increased 350% period on period, and a 73% improvement in media cost per sale.

8 months later, in November 2015, TSW were appointed to manage Express Gifts insert buying. The approach included:

  • Strategically reducing insertions into over-saturated titles to improve response
  • Radical reduction of media rates = HUGE savings = pummelled cost per acquisition = enhanced channel efficiency
  • Securing a record number of highly responsive bound-ins within core titles

The result? Reduction of 35% in cost per sale.

In April 2016 the next media layer was TV; TSW's TV model was well-suited to Express Gifts' objectives.

TSWs more flexible approach, included in-campaign optimisation, advanced tracking and attribution methods. The unique strategy included:

  • In-campaign optimisation to further improve performance
  • Our unique TV buying strategy and spot analytics
  • Broadened chosen channel mix from 40 channels to 95
  • An increased targeting efficiency to their target audience by 42%

The result? Improved cost per lead by 10%, cost per sale by 28% and a reduced cost per starter by 20%. In fact, the traffic that resulted was so significant we had to re-plan (with no penalties) to smooth demand and ease operational pressures.

“Working with TSW over the last four years has been a pleasure; their multi-channel, layered media strategy has resulted in a 20% reduction in cost per new customer. They continue to deliver impressive results with professionalism, innovation and care for our growing business.”
Paul Kendrick