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1,000 visits to the website generated in one minute

eHarmony, a leader in the online dating space, plays in an extremely competitive (and cluttered) marketplace.  TSW’s task was to achieve brand differentiation and standout.

The TSW broadcast team embraced the challenge and created an event totally relevant to the client’s industry. And gave them first entry ownership, as it couldn’t be repeated for another four years. Taking our cue from 2016 being a Leap Year, it was all about empowering women to take the initiative, bring on ‘eHarmony’s Leap Year on-air Proposal’!

With a limited test budget and a clear ambition to create some serious impact, the team set to work finding the right TV partner with which to execute this campaign.  The objectives were clear: the event needed to drive brand awareness and generate cost-effective response.
Channel 4 was the perfect partner for the task. In addition to securing the right airtime, TSW negotiated a package that included Channel 4 tweeting from their hashtag (a service normally rejected by the channel), plus promotion of this event through their PR agency.  Over 12 pieces of press coverage were secured, and the activity was supported in real time via social, mobile and search.

Caroline and Neal, who met six years previously, were the chosen couple for the event. Using two consecutive ad breaks (20:28 and 20:45) viewers were first introduced to the couple, their story, and Caroline’s plan to propose. However, they had to wait until the next break to see how the story ended.

In the second break, Caroline proposed, Neal said yes, and the celebrations began.
At 21:00, Channel 4 tweeted a link to eHarmony’s site for further insight into their Leap Year story, which resulted in over 1,000 site visits in one minute. It was so successful that TSW’s attribution system was temporarily removed from their tracking, as over 1,000 visits from 1,000 different IP addresses was flagged as a potential hack!

Romain Bertrand, UK Country Manager said:

“eHarmony’s Leap Year Proposal gave us the chance to showcase our point of difference – helping create life-changing, happy relationships. With 1,000 visits to our site generated in one minute and media coverage delivering a circulation of around 56.4m, the results speak for themselves. The Specialist Works (TSW) were enthusiastic, swift and highly-skilled in helping make ‘Leap Year’ one of eHarmony’s most successful campaigns to date.”
Romain Bertrand
UK Country Manager