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Print, Post, Perform

Print is still as impactful as ever, with impressive performance when integrated into cross-channel campaigns.

Whether you advertise in newspapers or magazines, via direct mail, door drops or inserts; print offers an array of useful and effective media channels, targeting your audience when they are at their most receptive. They’ll only read it when they have time… and this is time which can also be used to respond. 

improved response rates

That’s partly why print enjoys 3x higher response rate than other channels. The tangible, physical presence of a printed advertisement is inherently more memorable and impactful than something abstract. It takes less cognitive effort to process and understand physical material than digital – and people attribute greater value to something they can touch as well as see. It literally adds weight to your marketing message. 

reams of print experience

The Specialist Works has a long-established heritage in printed materials and inserts, which gives you access to unrivaled expertise, buying power and value. Our creative team is also on-hand to help execute the most impactful, engaging and interactive ads. And whatever channel works best for your brand and business objectives, it can be cleverly woven into your broader marketing plans – improving performance across the board – with the guidance of our specialist teams.

Specialist Skills

The Specialist Works has a heritage in printed materials and inserts.  As the second largest provider in the United States and placing 27% of all inserts in Europe, you’ll be in the most experienced hands and have access to unrivalled expertise, buying power and value.  Join hundreds of companies that are effectively using print to increase their marketing performance and grow their companies.


An effective Inserts campaign relies on two major factors. Firstly, it’s important to insert your message into the right products: in partnership with a relevant brand targeting the same audience. This message will reach those customers when they’re in buying and receiving mode, making them more receptive to your own message – so the greater the brand synergy, the more positive the response.

The second consideration’s more obvious – keep the costs of printing and fulfillment etc. as efficient as possible. An agency that operates on a large scale can achieve these goals most readily and, as it so happens, The Specialist Works is the 2nd largest provider in the US and places more than ¼ of all inserts in Europe.

Door Drops

Door drops are a proven acquisition channel with a reach so broad as to rival TV or, on the other hand, target as narrowly as street level. They work particularly well as a campaign catalyst, as part of a wider campaign, serving as an activator for other channels such as TV or press.

With an abundance of available data to cross-reference, it’s possible to target door drops with extraordinary efficiency.  Such high relevancy means that 92% of the population read door drops and retain them in the home for an average of 38 days – potentially whilst complementary marketing activity continues through other channels.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail is exactly that; it’s mail, and it’s direct! This no-nonsense approach gives you the best chance of targeting precisely the right demographics in the first instance. DM campaigns are planned around a comprehensive range of data: such as geography, neighbourhood, purchase history, voting history, house type, age, car owned, income, children and so on.

So if you’re able to define your target audience, then you’re able to reach them with Direct Mail. What’s more, once your target audience receive your mail, they’re estimated to retain it for 17 days. So with the right creative, response levels can be impressive.


The digital age may have seen press circulations drop significantly, but this means that the remaining audiences are more tightly defined – and therefore open to highly targeted advertising. Press delivers  these captive audiences, with advertisements being an accepted part of the readers’ experience.

Given the wide array of niche customer-bases that press advertising can reach, it’s worth planning a full press strategy to find the right people, in the right places, at the right time. It can be an agile process that performs extremely well when given the level of attention it deserves. Test a sample, analyse, optimize and scale rapidly! TSW experts will share their insights to shortcut the guesswork and help deliver the best returns in the shortest time.

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