Out-of-Home Advertising, Out-of-World Results

real-time tracking and optimization for outdoor advertisements

Out of home (OOH) has been a powerful channel throughout the history of advertising. And now, there’s proof of its efficacy: it has become measurable. Indeed, with TSW’s Digital Response OOH offering, your outdoor advertising can now operate more like digital.

instant results, no delay

Utilizing unique, bespoke technologies it is now possible to plan, execute and optimize OOH campaigns in real-time. In addition, results are instantaneous (when using digital screens) so that campaign responses can be improved immediately – and you’ll never miss a beat.

the right place, the right time

This added level of dynamism makes OOH more powerful than ever before. Talking to the right people is only step one. It you want to truly engage them, it’s just as important to deliver your message at the right time, in the right space, with the right message. Being able to adjust campaigns on the fly makes this more readily achievable. Especially when you also factor in environment, context and mind-set: not just location and demographics.

the ideal out-of-home show...

The result is OOH advertising with genuinely impressive performance. Using in-house tools, designed for the purpose, TSW can quickly and automatically make the best planning decisions for you: based on placement, panel size, position and duration. Furthermore, an accompanying stream of data from 35 different sources is aggregated to give you a clear and immediate picture of responses and interactions: providing context for live optimization as your campaign unfurls.

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