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TSW’s Insight for Sore Eyes: April round-up

Welcome to the April round-up! Keeping you up to speed on TSW’s latest news and views, plus those all-important media industry highlights which cannot be missed!

Features this month include: the latest trends and insights from the recent Mobile World Congress (MWC), as well as an all important save the date for our next mind altering conference, What’s Possible ‘19.

Take five. And read all about it….

An insightful visit to the Mobile World Congress (MWC)

TSW’s Richard Downey, recently joined over 100,000 visitors to the Mobile World Congress (MWC) at Fira de Barcelona. Read all about his experience, tips and insights from this monster of a conference.

Meeting with a number of mobile networks and tech suppliers the number one topic of discussion and concern was, unsurprisingly, ad fraud. How to spot it, how to stop it and what to do if you suspect that your campaigns have suffered from it.’

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There’s no short cuts with data anymore

Next month’s implementation of the ever approaching GDPR in Europe has been a hotly debated topic, but not all media companies are feeling the urgency, according to a sampling of 34 companies approached by Forbes in a recent article. Our CEO, Martin Woolley shared his views on how to prepare.

  • Businesses should treat all data as they treat their valued customers. It is a privileged asset that needs care, protection and ongoing investment.
  • First party data is king. It should be driven by customer consented ID’s and not cookies. Quality at scale can be a challenge but crucially, brands should create linkages across key data sets so they can understand their clients, customer journey and create relevant experiences.
  • GDPR compliance is a bi-product of quality data management. Companies that have a consistent, transparent and ethical approach to data management will find GDPR compliance evolves seamlessly and the time and costs of compliance are significantly lowered. Data provided through the right consent is of a higher-calibre and when deployed across media, will deliver lower media costs, higher conversion rates and return on investment.
  • Data is everyone’s business. Businesses need to create a culture where data accuracy is expected and continuous validation around data is an established part of business operations. There are no shortcuts in the data world.

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Data transparency in the wake of the Facebook news

After Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared before US Senators this week about data privacy practices in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, there has been upheaval in the industry on what this means for the advertising sector.
In this article, our very own Kristy Hynes, Senior Social Planner/Buyer and other experts share their views.

‘The future of Facebook is still secure. The vast number of daily active users is still strong. However, with heightened awareness of the issues, individual users, influential persons and companies have become wary.

If the trend of deleting accounts continues, advertisers could face difficulties with targeting relevant users on the same scale as they have done previously. Advertisers may see an increase in cost metrics and will become reliant on new techniques and strategies to maintain continued performance. There will be a learning curve.

Media agencies will continue to use Facebook and optimise for performance. Monitoring the wider implications, including other platforms, will be important to achieve continued results for brands. But it could be several months before we see if there is any significant change.’

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Save the date for 'What’s Possible ’19'

Hot off the back of TSW’s annual flagship event last year, TSW brings you this year’s future-facing industry gathering, What’s Possible ’19.

It brings together a wide variety of clients to share stories, their successes and learnings, and mix with suppliers offering inspiration on what’s new for 2019. The atmosphere will be pure TSW – relaxed and friendly but with a hunger to innovate. Oh, and a minimum of jargon and absolutely no blockchain, VR or industry fugazi.

After an action-packed day of learning, relax and join us for a fun-filled party in TSW’s inimitable style.

When– Thursday 11th October 2018
Where– Hawker House, Canada Street, London SE16 9PF
How much?- £399 plus VAT per ticket

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To learn more about any of the articles above, or to discuss any of TSW’s services, please contact the Marketing Team on 020 7539 6104.