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TSW’s First Alumni Party!

TSW’s First Alumni Party: A Night to Remember!

Any TSW’er knows that once you are a TSW’er you’re always a TSW’er.

Coined by staff members themselves as ‘The TSW Family’, working at this disruptive-by-nature organisation not only offers professional development, but also an opportunity to join a pretty welcoming bunch who like to have fun!

You only have to step into our offices to recognise the unique culture of TSW; a manifestation of old and new staff members shaking-up the industry and developing family-like friendships whilst doing so. As with any ‘family’, people do fly the nest, though it certainly does not mean they are forgotten…

TSW is built on people, and every person who has contributed to this rapidly growing organisation is appreciated.

To reflect this sentiment, we hosted our first Alumni party on the 7th September!

Under the twinkling fairy lights of our infamous roof top terrace, old and new faces came together for a night to remember!

With previous staff members from virtually every year of TSW’s 15-year journey, it was both humbling and exciting to see so many friends who had travelled from far and wide to join us. There were of course plenty of Londoners, though we also partied with friends who had travelled from Kent, Cambridgeshire and even France.

Though some have moved on to other agencies for further experience in marketing and communications, some have chosen to move in very different career directions; tattoo artistry, vegan vlogging, and festival trade stands (to name a few). Despite moving on, it was wonderful that so many still chose to come back to revisit their history at TSW.

There was no shortage of banterous-reminiscing, prosecco-popping and of course the obligatory dodgy dance-moves… (no photo evidence allowed)

A huge thank you to all who made the evening so special, and to all who have made TSW so special. We can’t wait ‘til the next one!

Our people are at the heart of our business. If you’re interested in being part of our award-winning team, check out our open vacancies, or email [email protected] to discuss your future with TSW.