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The progress of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing can now rival any other digital channel

An insight piece by TSW’s affiliate expert Nakisa Mavaei

CJ Affiliate recently published an infographic on how the affiliate channel can bring an increase in AOV, customer retention and revenue in offline sales, which can NOW rival any other digital channel.

The industry has progressed rapidly in the past decade, and become even more visible in the past 6 years since TSW have been operating in the affiliate space. Historically this marketing channel was often left by the roadside by Marketing Directors due to a feeling that it was unable to bring ‘incremental’ sales or that it only drove sales from customers who already had an intention to convert.

Going back to the topic of ‘incrementality’. It still remains a sticking point, despite advances from networks’ reporting systems and the rise in advertisers using attribution tools.  It’s easy to assume that by just putting a voucher out there then there will be an immediate return. But based on TSW’s experience, you’re not utilising the channel to its full potential. Clients need to use these insights to make smarter decisions and action innovative campaigns.

Additionally, when looking to increase AOV’s, brands may add basket tiers to their commission structure and offer a code which incentivises customers. But again, at TSW we propose you could take this further by considering which customers normally spend the most, which products perform better on certain publisher sites and at what time customers spend more.

The publishers are a very important part in pushing these campaigns forward. Its crucial brands hold open discussions with the publishers about what your brands goals are as a business and your customer demographics will lead to more targeted campaigns.

Most importantly though, it’ll lead to innovation and incremental sales.


*88% of spend figure is Affiliate. The rest is Lead Gen.

If you would like to discuss your affiliate marketing campaigns or start marketing with affiliates for the first time, then email Nakisa Mavaei at [email protected] or call Nakisa on 020 7539 6147.

Click here for more information on TSW affiliates.