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The impact of Black Friday

The impact of Black Friday on the UK’s fastest growing digital businesses

Working with more eCommerce brands than any other UK media agency, here at TSW, we’re in a privileged position to comment on this year’s record-smashing extravaganza!  Here’s our Black Friday analysis from several from the UK’s fastest growing online retailers.

Purchase intent increases conversion rates

Purchase intent is much higher on Black Friday weekend which results in higher response rates and conversion rates. One client, a video doorbell company, posted record website traffic and conversion rates, up 27% and 25% respectively over the previous three Friday’s.

TV driving record sales growth

Richard Maisey, Group Account Director at TSW said TV had been a central channel for a number of retail clients looking to capitalise on Black Friday, with some very strong sales reported.

“Black Friday is a mass consumer event, and TV is unmatched for delivering mass reach in a short space of time. We’ve seen a great reaction to a number of Black Friday TV campaigns, both for lower cost products and those that are more expensive and considered. This suggests that consumers will not only react immediately to a good offer, but they will plan and wait around for Black Friday to come to make the bigger purchases. Businesses learn a lot from TV at this time of year.” Richard Maisey, Group Account Director at TSW

TV is highly trackable so it’s more than just a brand channel. Clients can optimise on the fly to deliver the measurability, performance and ROI they are accustomed to achieving on digital channels.

A women’s fashion retailer, experienced a 140% YoY increase in Black Friday sales with all international markets achieving over 100% growth across all key metrics.

Sales growth over previous weeks ranged from 11% to 400% in the case the video doorbell company; the Director of Business Intelligence, noted that Black Friday traffic was significantly higher than Cyber Monday.

The rise of m-commerce

2016 saw the tipping point where the majority of Black Friday orders were made on mobile devices. This year, TSW’s clients reported as much as 81% of traffic from mobile devices during Black Friday, especially outside of normal trading hours.

UK Black Friday is all about eCommerce

The research revealed a big difference in Black Friday in the UK compared to the US. Much of the focus in the US is around Thanksgiving where people have the time off to visit shops. Although it’s been taboo in the past, many shops opened on Thanksgiving itself. In the UK, the survey highlights that the focus is firmly on eCommerce.

For further information on how to maximise your new customer acquisition campaigns throughout the year, please contact Matt Pover on +44 (0)1761 234 824, +44 (0)7734 982 478 or email [email protected]