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Tag: Video On Demand


Insight for Sore Eyes is a once a month round-up of news and comment from our specialists and selected stories from the media marketplace; we hope you find it useful for your business.   Features this month include: The Specialist View: App acquisition marketing. More than just Google and Facebook; Are C4 having their cake, […]

Youtube Influencer Marketing: What Role Should Vloggers Play?

What Are YouTube Influencers? These are the stars of user-generated video content, who have captured the attention of younger audiences by the millions. Because they start off as ordinary people, speaking candidly on smartphones and webcams, their audiences trust them. There’s little or nothing in terms of production and editing, just people telling their own […]

YouTube TV: a credible platform for video advertising?

2017 has seen some pretty interesting developments at the frontline of digital media. Earlier this month, Google unveiled its premium subscription based YouTube TV service; and shortly after, The Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook, as well as announcing its set-top box video app, is open for pitches for TV-like shows across various genres. So […]

Sky Media Expands Its Programmatic Plans

Following an initial test phase earlier in the year, Sky Media (the division which handles ad sales) is now planning to offer an expanded inventory of ad spots for its live media purchasing platform (AVx) – which allows savvy media buyers to buy advertising on TV: live, in real-time. Already covering core audiences with Sky […]

Mythbusting programmatic TV

There’s lots of talk about programmatic TV being the future at the moment, but exactly where are we? TSW’s Matt Whelan takes a hard look at some of the current lore surrounding innovations in TV. Online video doesn’t generate response Online video gets a bad deal, because it often sits in a silo along with […]

How Marvel Created a True Cross-Platform Movie/TV and Gaming experience

If you’re into gaming like we are here in Pace Towers it probably hasn’t escaped your attention that Marvel has recently released ‘Contest of Champions’ for free across smartphone platforms. Essentially it’s a side scrolling beat ’em up a la ‘Street Fighter’ but has the added kicker of featuring all your favourite characters from the […]

Advertising In A Social Media Conscious World

In recent weeks, the health supplement store Protein World has been getting a lot of negative attention on social media from angry consumers, who have been most upset by their latest advertising campaign.   The posters, which mainly appear in Underground stations across London, feature the Australian model Renee Sommerfield in a yellow bikini, along […]