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Tag: TV

Research proves TV is an untapped media channel for mobile brands

The Mobile Games Developer Trends Study by Pocket Gamer Biz, in association with The Specialist Works, suggests mobile marketers are missing out on huge opportunities by not using traditional media channels. The trends study created in conjunction with Pocket Gamer Biz, highlights that mobile brands aren’t utilising offline channels such as TV, Radio, OOH and […]

Your World Cup 2018 Media Advice

The Specialist View: Your World Cup 2018 media advice Your guide through the media landscape during the globe’s biggest sporting event Over 3 billion people watched the World Cup in 2014, making this football extravaganza the globe’s biggest single sports event. Given this enormous reach and potential, it’s no surprise that we’re already starting to […]

The impact of Black Friday

The impact of Black Friday on the UK’s fastest growing digital businesses Working with more eCommerce brands than any other UK media agency, here at TSW, we’re in a privileged position to comment on this year’s record-smashing extravaganza!  Here’s our Black Friday analysis from several from the UK’s fastest growing online retailers. Purchase intent increases […]

A new breed of media agency

TSW: The International Performance Media Network for growth brands Our innovative services cater precisely for the unique challenges of high-growth digital brands. A lot has happened at TSW over the last year that we thought we’d share with you, some highlights include; The acquisition of the International TV agency, PACE Opening offices in New York […]


Insight for Sore Eyes is a once a month round-up of news and comment from our specialists and selected stories from the media marketplace; we hope you find it useful for your business.   Features this month include: The Specialist View: App acquisition marketing. More than just Google and Facebook; Are C4 having their cake, […]

The Future of App Acquisition Marketing

App acquisition marketing. More than just Google and Facebook. Global New Business Director and Mobile Marketing Expert, Richard Downey, comments on the future of app acquisition marketing Mobile apps. Love them or hate them they play a key role in most of our lives. Whether planning your route home via Trainline, planning your next holiday […]

Behind the scenes with TSW & Huuuge Casino

After the success of the first collaboration, Huuuge Casino chose TSW Creative (TSWC), for a second campaign for their mobile free-to-play casino app. Take a sneak peak being the scenes of the team’s on-location shoot with their sleek video. See the work that goes into the process, with guest stars including a skateboard, a swimming […]

TSW Acquires Pace Media

On Monday 10th July, TSW announced the acquisition of Pace Media, the specialist international full service TV agency. This bold move forms part of TSW’s growth strategy following the recent acquisition of Atlanta-based Elarbee Media and the opening of offices in New York and Beijing earlier this year.   Pace Media will be rebranded to […]

How To Produce Winning Drtv Ads For Gaming Apps

When it comes to making successful DRTV ads, the main thing to ask yourself is: will they produce a direct response!? Once the ad rolls, will the audience immediately understand what it is you’re offering and what they need to do to get it? Alongside that, will the results from such advertising stack up nicely […]

Fintech Advertising: How TV Puts Momentum Behind Brands

We often talk about the ‘digital revolution’ with an innate bias towards media consumption… how people are spending more time online or with mobile devices. What’s sometimes overlooked is the quiet(er) revolution in how other services are provided to consumers. Technology-driven products are beginning to overturn long-established industries, with the potential to complete disrupt entire […]

Why TV Advertising Works: A Comprehensive Guide

The world’s first TV advert was broadcast almost 80 years ago – and in that time TV has grown to become the most dominant form of advertising across the globe. Even in an age of changing media habits and digital media giants, it remains a colossal force for brands. The simple reason being; it’s ultra […]

Agility and Innovation with eHarmony

With innovation and rapid reaction, eHarmony and TSW find new opportunities in our uncertain political landscape.   In amongst the political turbulence we are facing in the UK right now, you wouldn’t think looking for love would be at the top of anyone’s priority list. However, with some very clever research, eHarmony have found that […]

Global Media Consumption: TV Remains Dominant As The Growth Of Mobile Media Levels Out

It’s not surprising that numerous industry commentators predicted ‘the end of traditional media’ when observing the surge in mobile internet consumption over the last 6 or 7 years. If that trend was set to continue, that could well have been the case. But Zenith Media’s latest Media Consumption Forecast has provided some new figures that […]

10 Reasons Why Political Campaigns Need Stricter Regulation

As TV advertising specialists, we know the compliance process inside out. The guidelines enforced by ASA in the UK are rigid and often restrictive and certain industries are under very strict controls about what they can and can’t say. For instance, the gambling industry, in which we have made countless campaigns over the past number […]

Facebook’s New Instream Ads

The Battle of Instream Ads:  Can Facebook’s new platform take on YouTube?  Facebook’s latest update is an all-time first for the platform; in fact, it could transcend them into the realms of digital video supreme leaders – move over YouTube and Vimeo TSW’s  social media expert, Kristy Hynes shares her insight on these new advancements […]

Business Development Graduates: Looking to break into the ad industry?

Are you a graduate looking to make your first move into the advertising industry? If so, we have an exciting opportunity at The Specialist Works that will certainly be of interest. Our 6 month Business Development Graduate Scheme is a fantastic chance to learn your trade alongside an experienced team of highly talented individuals, as […]

Drtv In The Smartphone Era – Capture The Moment

In simple terms, general advertisers’ primary objective is to increase consumer awareness of a brand, product or service. DRTV, on the other hand, is more focused around a call-to-action to influence consumers into pursuing a specific action. Traditionally, that action would have been to call a dedicated phone number. A reasonable ask, you might think. […]

TV Advertising Costs: A Complete Guide

Since the big switchover from terrestrial to digital television, the media buying game has changed quite dramatically. Obviously, costs have fallen with the dramatic increase in supply – but the potential for bargain hunting goes deeper than that. There are numerous factors affecting cost, so to find the best value spots requires a sharp eye […]

Things We Learned From Last Week – 25th April 2017

  GAMING VIDEO TO GENERATE $4.6bn in 2017 http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2017-04-19-gaming-video-to-generate-usd4-6-billion-this-year-superdata   According to the latest research from Superdata, the global audience for gaming video – esports and such, will reach 665m this year and is expected to increase 21% by 2021. This has informed a forecast of $4.6bn in ad revenue, “a level that would outpace […]

Youtube Influencer Marketing: What Role Should Vloggers Play?

What Are YouTube Influencers? These are the stars of user-generated video content, who have captured the attention of younger audiences by the millions. Because they start off as ordinary people, speaking candidly on smartphones and webcams, their audiences trust them. There’s little or nothing in terms of production and editing, just people telling their own […]

Mobile app user acquisition: The TSW way…

TSW has built a team of mobile app acquisition experts over the past three years. These experts work with a range of clients from the worlds of gaming, gambling, dating, travel and more; here’s a brief overview on how they maximise performance for our clients: Mobile video: Using video to drive app installs, and subsequently […]


Your TSW Guide to App Store Optimisation by Richard Downey, Director of Global New Business – Mobile What is App Store Optimisation? (ASO) ASO is the ‘foundation’ on which all app acquisition marketing should be built. Whether you are using paid mobile channels, offline, email or any other tactic to drive users towards your app. […]

Things We Learned From Last Week – 19th April 2017

  VIRGIN MEDIA LOOKS TO PARTNER WITH SKY http://www.thedrum.com/news/2017/04/18/virgin-media-partner-with-rival-sky-it-signs-up-adsmart-network   Virgin Media is in ‘advanced talks’ with rivals Sky, set to join its Adsmart network in attempt to attract ad spend away from Facebook and Google, by offering the ability to better target the right audiences. Other channels, such as MTV and Channel 5, have […]

How Mobile Games Marketing Should Tell Its Own Story

  Gareth Williams, Premier’s Director of Games, recently spoke in an article on Gamesindustry.biz about how mobile games require very different PR tactics to those of traditional console & PC game campaigns. He made some points that resonated with us at The Specialist Works – having worked on a large number of successful mobile game campaigns, […]

Things We Learned From Last Week – April 14th, 2017

AMAZON SPENDING $4.5b ON VIDEO CONTENT   http://www.thedrum.com/news/2017/04/11/amazon-spend-over-4bn-video-take-video-rivals-year   Analysts at J P Morgan have reported that Amazon is set to spend over $4 billion on new video content in 2017. Some of this will be original programming – and some allocated to live streaming: most notably Thursday Night NFL games. This takes Amazon ever […]

Infamous Ad Fails

Nivea and Pepsi have us reminiscing on the bad old days http://fortune.com/2017/04/05/nivea-white-is-purity-ad/ http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/tv/news/pepsi-advert-pulled-kendall-jenner-protest-video-cancelled-removed-a7668986.html   Like the old adage goes ‘all publicity is good publicity’. But no-one ever claimed that all advertising is good advertising. That’s because it isn’t. Sometimes it’s bad… very bad. Whether it’s down to hapless insensitivity – as we saw last week […]

Things We Learned From The Last Week

One of the things our Copywriter learned from the last week was that this Blog used to feature a section called ‘things we learned from last week’. In a week that featured April Fools Day, the formal beginnings of Brexit and another hundred Trump-related facepalm moments, any such continuation would be jumping in at the […]

Giving The Right Impressions: How Many Times Do You Need To Be Told?

It’s a fundamental question when you begin planning out an advertising campaign: how many times should an audience be shown an advertisement before they respond positively to the offer? Bizarrely, there is actually some consensus if you Google that question. A lot of people say 7; though there’s little agreement over what happens after that […]

Need To Know Differences Between UK & International Media Buying

In the digital age, brands have truly global audiences; and a properly evaluated media plan should look at the whole picture. But to calculate the market potential of the entire world may seem like a colossally daunting task, especially where there are different practises and systems for buying advertising on TV from country to country. […]

TSW & Huuuge Casino launch the international TV campaign

‘Bragging Rights’: The launch of the international TV campaign From TSW & Huuuge Casino On 13th March, TSW and Huuuge Inc. launched the international TV campaign ‘Bragging Rights’.  The real-time social casino games developer appointed TSW to promote their leading mobile free-to-play gaming app Huuuge Casino. As the fastest growing social casino app on iOS […]

Why Online Brands Are Turning On To TV

The start of 2017 has seen plenty of industry headlines about the increased TV advertising spends of digital businesses. Up 8% to a total of £639m in 2016, further growth is forecast and simply put, TV is where the smart money is going. There are some unique reasons why TV advertising is being realised as […]

Bursting the Paid Search Bubble!

TSW: Inspiraction Events Bursting the Paid Search Bubble TSW’s senior digital executive, Kristy Hynes shares her insight and learnings… On a stormy Thursday whilst most of London hid away from the ever-raging Storm Doris, industry experts from across the city flooded the TSW halls to take part in another of our thought-provoking inspiraction events. With […]

How TV Advertising Is Making A Comeback In 2017

Hi! Welcome (back) to our blog! As our website evolves, this is where you’ll find general updates, interesting insights and other articles of distraction… such as this: Don’t call it a comeback It would be an understatement of epic proportions to say 2017’s set to be an interesting year, but even whittling it down to […]

TSW client LeoVegas joins forces with Johnny Vegas

TSW client LeoVegas.com rocket-launches new advertising campaign with Johnny Vegas TSW client LeoVegas launched their new TV advert on Wednesday 22nd February, and starred new brand ambassador Johnny Vegas alongside familiar-face Leo the lion. With TSW planning and buying all of LeoVegas’ TV activity, the debut ad 90” copy ran on Sky 1 during Ross […]

Reaching the ‘screen-neutral’ younger viewer

Video viewing time is robust amongst younger audiences; smart TVs are boosting consumption and this return to bigger screens has positive implications. TSW’s Associate Director – Digital, Sam Vandermark, explains… Ultimately video viewing time isn’t decreasing, it’s simply that the medium on which this viewing time is spent is diversifying, and there is ongoing cross-pollination […]

ITV4 a good bet for mr green

ITV4 is a good bet for mr green mr green tasked TSW to find ways to grow their brand and build credibility A wide-ranging deal was constructed that allows mr green to attach their sponsorship idents to every unsponsored programme on the channel between 21:00 and 29:59 (05:59) every day for a year. We also […]

2016 TV round-up and looking ahead to 2017

A round-up of all that mattered in 2016 TV programming and a taste of some of the highlights in store for 2017 TV still dominates the new video world. Its scale, reach and impact are unrivalled. Despite new trends and patterns in how we consume television, the fundamentals remain the same.  According to Thinkbox we […]

The P Word: TV in a programmatic world

A thought-provoking TSW Inspiraction Event After a short break, Graeme Lynch from TubeMogul gave us a view of how things might look in five years’ time, and what the programmatic expansion of TV advertising could do to the UK market. David Cloudsdale from Adalyser presented a quick overview of how they are working on a […]

Mythbusting programmatic TV

There’s lots of talk about programmatic TV being the future at the moment, but exactly where are we? TSW’s Matt Whelan takes a hard look at some of the current lore surrounding innovations in TV. Online video doesn’t generate response Online video gets a bad deal, because it often sits in a silo along with […]

How to make TV for Apps accountable

How to make TV for Apps accountable, accessible and brilliant From train tickets to dry cleaning, apps now command more of our TV ad space than ever before and the numbers show it. In one sector in particular (mobile gaming) we’ve seen investment in app advertising single-handedly buck the trend in the decelerating entertainment sector. […]

The future of TV targeting

Are you being (dynamically) served? The future of TV targeting How ad-syncing will let you beat the marketplace and re-target TV viewers with personalised content You watch a TV ad. You want to find out more, so you reach for your smartphone. You mean to Google the brand. You get distracted by Facebook. The ad […]

Clash of Kings launch

Marketing campaign for Clash of Kings launches Coveted first break secured in the first episode of Game of Thrones season six Developer Elex Games, working with TSW, is embarking on a huge marketing push for Clash of Kings, Facebook’s Game of the year 2015. With a 360° marketing campaign combining outdoor, experiential, digital and mobile […]

Brand vs Direct Response

Brand vs Direct Response – a thing of the past Whether brand or DR, advertising shares a single goal: to drive response. Though DR tactics gratify this need immediately, the larger business effects of a campaign come from a smarter, more considered approach. Brand campaigns amplify direct response activities, and as attribution tech advances we […]

Quorn: Protein rich food, quality poor campaign

Quorn Mince   There have been a number of adverts in this campaign, stretching back to 2014. The first, is very well put together. Featuring Mo running in a scenic mountain range, the sound design combined with the quirky editing makes a very good impression. It has a nice pace to it, with an informative […]

Advert Production: Part 4 ‘Post Production’

Making an advert: From conception to completion One of the aspects of what we do here at Pace that excites us the most is the advert production end of things. It’s when we get to let our creative juices run wild and help our clients see their product or service come to life on the […]

Advert Production: Part 3 ‘The Shoot’

One of the aspects of what we do here at Pace that excites us the most is the advert production end of things. It’s when we get to let our creative juices run wild and help our clients see their product or service come to life on the small screen. So we’ve asked our Production […]

Advert production: Part 2 ‘pre-production’

One of the aspects of what we do here at Pace that excites us the most is the advert production end of things. It’s when we get to let our creative juices run wild and help our clients see their product or service come to life on the small screen. So we’ve asked our Production […]

Advert production: From conception to completion

One of the aspects of what we do here at Pace that excites us the most is the advert production end of things. It’s when we get to let our creative juices run wild and help our clients see their product or service come to life on the small screen.   So we’ve asked our […]

So you want to work in TV?

We asked Harry from the Pace production team to delve into his wealth of experience and dig out some golden nuggets of advice for those aspiring to make it in the TV production industry. Here are his sage words…. There’s a reason why the television industry is so oversubscribed – it offers a variety of […]

How Marvel Created a True Cross-Platform Movie/TV and Gaming experience

If you’re into gaming like we are here in Pace Towers it probably hasn’t escaped your attention that Marvel has recently released ‘Contest of Champions’ for free across smartphone platforms. Essentially it’s a side scrolling beat ’em up a la ‘Street Fighter’ but has the added kicker of featuring all your favourite characters from the […]

Advertising In A Social Media Conscious World

In recent weeks, the health supplement store Protein World has been getting a lot of negative attention on social media from angry consumers, who have been most upset by their latest advertising campaign.   The posters, which mainly appear in Underground stations across London, feature the Australian model Renee Sommerfield in a yellow bikini, along […]

A trackable and attributable app download promotion via TV

A trackable and attributable app download promotion via TV TSW and Clash of Kings team up to run the first genuinely trackable and attributable app download promotion via TV in the UK As successful app publishers turn to TV to find a new acquisition channel, the main challenge has been using ‘traditional’ mobile marketing metrics […]