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Tag: Mobile

Research proves TV is an untapped media channel for mobile brands

The Mobile Games Developer Trends Study by Pocket Gamer Biz, in association with The Specialist Works, suggests mobile marketers are missing out on huge opportunities by not using traditional media channels. The trends study created in conjunction with Pocket Gamer Biz, highlights that mobile brands aren’t utilising offline channels such as TV, Radio, OOH and […]

An insightful visit to the Mobile World Congress (MWC)

A few weeks ago, our very own Global New Business Director, Richard Downey, joined over 100,000 visitors to the Mobile World Congress (MWC) at Fira de Barcelona. In this article he shares his experience and insights from this monster of a conference. Set over 9 exhibition halls and four days MWC has become, along with […]

The Future of App Acquisition Marketing

App acquisition marketing. More than just Google and Facebook. Global New Business Director and Mobile Marketing Expert, Richard Downey, comments on the future of app acquisition marketing Mobile apps. Love them or hate them they play a key role in most of our lives. Whether planning your route home via Trainline, planning your next holiday […]

Global Media Consumption: TV Remains Dominant As The Growth Of Mobile Media Levels Out

It’s not surprising that numerous industry commentators predicted ‘the end of traditional media’ when observing the surge in mobile internet consumption over the last 6 or 7 years. If that trend was set to continue, that could well have been the case. But Zenith Media’s latest Media Consumption Forecast has provided some new figures that […]

Drtv In The Smartphone Era – Capture The Moment

In simple terms, general advertisers’ primary objective is to increase consumer awareness of a brand, product or service. DRTV, on the other hand, is more focused around a call-to-action to influence consumers into pursuing a specific action. Traditionally, that action would have been to call a dedicated phone number. A reasonable ask, you might think. […]

Mobile app user acquisition: The TSW way…

TSW has built a team of mobile app acquisition experts over the past three years. These experts work with a range of clients from the worlds of gaming, gambling, dating, travel and more; here’s a brief overview on how they maximise performance for our clients: Mobile video: Using video to drive app installs, and subsequently […]


Your TSW Guide to App Store Optimisation by Richard Downey, Director of Global New Business – Mobile What is App Store Optimisation? (ASO) ASO is the ‘foundation’ on which all app acquisition marketing should be built. Whether you are using paid mobile channels, offline, email or any other tactic to drive users towards your app. […]

Things We Learned From Last Week – 19th April 2017

  VIRGIN MEDIA LOOKS TO PARTNER WITH SKY http://www.thedrum.com/news/2017/04/18/virgin-media-partner-with-rival-sky-it-signs-up-adsmart-network   Virgin Media is in ‘advanced talks’ with rivals Sky, set to join its Adsmart network in attempt to attract ad spend away from Facebook and Google, by offering the ability to better target the right audiences. Other channels, such as MTV and Channel 5, have […]

How Mobile Games Marketing Should Tell Its Own Story

  Gareth Williams, Premier’s Director of Games, recently spoke in an article on Gamesindustry.biz about how mobile games require very different PR tactics to those of traditional console & PC game campaigns. He made some points that resonated with us at The Specialist Works – having worked on a large number of successful mobile game campaigns, […]

Things We Learned From Last Week – April 14th, 2017

AMAZON SPENDING $4.5b ON VIDEO CONTENT   http://www.thedrum.com/news/2017/04/11/amazon-spend-over-4bn-video-take-video-rivals-year   Analysts at J P Morgan have reported that Amazon is set to spend over $4 billion on new video content in 2017. Some of this will be original programming – and some allocated to live streaming: most notably Thursday Night NFL games. This takes Amazon ever […]

Infamous Ad Fails

Nivea and Pepsi have us reminiscing on the bad old days http://fortune.com/2017/04/05/nivea-white-is-purity-ad/ http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/tv/news/pepsi-advert-pulled-kendall-jenner-protest-video-cancelled-removed-a7668986.html   Like the old adage goes ‘all publicity is good publicity’. But no-one ever claimed that all advertising is good advertising. That’s because it isn’t. Sometimes it’s bad… very bad. Whether it’s down to hapless insensitivity – as we saw last week […]

Things We Learned From The Last Week

One of the things our Copywriter learned from the last week was that this Blog used to feature a section called ‘things we learned from last week’. In a week that featured April Fools Day, the formal beginnings of Brexit and another hundred Trump-related facepalm moments, any such continuation would be jumping in at the […]

Giving The Right Impressions: How Many Times Do You Need To Be Told?

It’s a fundamental question when you begin planning out an advertising campaign: how many times should an audience be shown an advertisement before they respond positively to the offer? Bizarrely, there is actually some consensus if you Google that question. A lot of people say 7; though there’s little agreement over what happens after that […]

Need To Know Differences Between UK & International Media Buying

In the digital age, brands have truly global audiences; and a properly evaluated media plan should look at the whole picture. But to calculate the market potential of the entire world may seem like a colossally daunting task, especially where there are different practises and systems for buying advertising on TV from country to country. […]

China Joy report

Five things I learned at China Joy 2016… by Richard Downey Global New Business Director, Mobile One of the biggest digital entertainment expos on the planet, China Joy is an annual conference full of the weird, wonderful and inspiring developments in consumer technologies. While spreading the word about TSW’s leading TV for apps tracking solution, […]

How to make TV for Apps accountable

How to make TV for Apps accountable, accessible and brilliant From train tickets to dry cleaning, apps now command more of our TV ad space than ever before and the numbers show it. In one sector in particular (mobile gaming) we’ve seen investment in app advertising single-handedly buck the trend in the decelerating entertainment sector. […]

Clash of Kings launch

Marketing campaign for Clash of Kings launches Coveted first break secured in the first episode of Game of Thrones season six Developer Elex Games, working with TSW, is embarking on a huge marketing push for Clash of Kings, Facebook’s Game of the year 2015. With a 360° marketing campaign combining outdoor, experiential, digital and mobile […]

Does your mobile ad make users want to block it?

Mobile web advertisers are worrying about ad blockers when they should be worried about why people want to block ads in the first place. Web advertising in general and mobile web advertising in particular does not get a lot of positive publicity. The list of reasons not to seems to get longer by the day. […]

A leap year special for eHarmony

15 minutes later, within the same show, we saw Neal’s response (of course he said yes!) to the proposal –a great endorsement of eHarmony’s unique personality matching techniques. From 20:45 onwards a 30” cutdown of the proposal and response in one commercial ran across the majority of the TV network at a high frequency, carrying […]

What will the Apple Watch mean for mobile gaming?

Well it’s here, it’s finally here. The Apple Watch is released this week and it promises to be the tech event of 2015. As with pretty much any Apple release of recent years the iWatch is a big deal because it is something new, because it is Apple and because everyone is really hoping that […]

What Nintendo/DeNa Partnership Means For Mobile Gaming

Nintendo has always done things its own way, often to the point of genius (NES, SNES, Gameboy, DS, the list goes on), sometimes to the point of financial ruination (GameCube anyone?). They are a company renowned for sticking by its morals and principles, something you can’t but help tip your hat to in an industry […]

A trackable and attributable app download promotion via TV

A trackable and attributable app download promotion via TV TSW and Clash of Kings team up to run the first genuinely trackable and attributable app download promotion via TV in the UK As successful app publishers turn to TV to find a new acquisition channel, the main challenge has been using ‘traditional’ mobile marketing metrics […]