Precision press with powerful results

Combine a huge number of significant ‘tweaks’ to revolutionise your newspaper
 and magazine performance

Powerful press performance

Test small. Learn lots. Scale rapidly.

Acquire huge numbers of new customers. Magazine and newspaper advertising is more targeted than ever. Reducing circulations has led to tighter target audiences. TSW's specialist approach is producing business-changing results.

Epic results

Double your success… Find more titles that work. Scale your press performance using a wider variety of titles than ever before. Double your bank of winners. Add confidence and choice into your existing title negotiations.


Campaigns involving print were judged the most effective at delivering ROI.
Source: Brand Science


On average we double the number of press titles that work for you. Growing your core title list and growing your customer database. Source: TSW client data

Interrog8 the norm

Dive deeper into the variables that affects performance. From nailing the proposition to achieving the most effective ad position.

TSW’s Interrog8 press planning system constantly optimises your campaign across 8 key areas, testing, measuring and improving everything you do.

Do you know...

  • Which ad sites gain most attention and how much you should pay for each?
  • Which titles break those rules?
  • Which product, creative or proposition you should place in each title?
  • How each title’s circulation varies depending on the month and what you should pay in their high and low months?
  • The effect of how a newspaper / magazine is distributed?
  • When to use press and when to use inserts?
  • The optimum reach and frequency you need to hit your business goals?

You’ll know all that and more with TSW.

Unrivalled value

Experience major cost savings by joining the exclusive Powerhouse buying cooperative. 


Negotiate powerful brand-alignment sponsorship with famous press brands. Rapidly build brand equity and share of voice. Gain trust. Drive immediate performance and uplift your wider campaigns.

Extend reach online

You can extend the reach of your press campaigns using Facebook with TSW’s unique Companion Campaigns. Integrating your campaign by reaching your core target audience in print and on Facebook at the same time.

You can expand your press advertising reach by using TV and Out of Home, or increase your trackable print media response with Inserts or Door drops.

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