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Social media advertising that delivers real acquisition
not just engagement

Drive more valuable results than just likes and comments. Discover new customers and encourage them to buy into your brand

Super-charged environment

Social media advertising is constantly shifting. Constantly growing. Constantly improving. Keeping ahead of the game is an increasingly fun challenge as we get more and more sophisticated in the way we target customers and unlock countless new insights. 

650% higher engagement rates for posts that include images compared to text-only posts.

650% higher engagement rates for posts that include images compared to text-only posts.

Epic results

How do your customers engage with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social channels?

It’s not enough just to reach your audience and build likes and comments. You must also drive direct response from a deep understanding of their online behaviour.

2 billion 

The number of social media users in the world; a massive and diverse consumer base. But it’s what you do with it that counts.

5-second case study:

TSW is making social media advertising even more cost-effective than traditional best-performing channels. One client’s social advertising even outperformed a strong paid search strategy by 50% for new customer acquisition.

Potent online and offline teamwork

Social advertising is great by itself. But the results get exponentially better when you team it up with your offline campaigns. Our Companion Campaigns will help you boost efficiency and effectiveness like never before.

VIP treatment

TSW’s relationships with the major social networks mean you’re never stuck waiting for answers. Plus, you’re always the first to try out new advertising features.

For more high-performance online acquisition opportunities have a look at our approach to Paid Search, Digital Display and App Install campaigns. Don’t just look in the digital world though; social media audience segments can also inform your Inserts titles or distribution selection and vice versa.

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