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The evolution in out of home planning

Amazingly measurable outdoor advertising will supercharge your communications

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Out of home (OOH) has always been a powerful channel. But with TSW, you can design it to work specifically for your needs.

Talking to the right people is only step one. If you truly want to engage them, it is just as important to talk to them at the right time, in the right space, with the right message.

Discover the best locations to target your audience, based on more than just number of impressions.


The number of data sources TSW blends to measure your OOH campaign

Source: TSW


of OOH revenue is driven by digital screens

Source: Magna Global

You can also make your outdoor advertising act like digital with TSW’s pioneering Digital Response OOH. Enjoy unique tech that’s been specially built to plan, execute and optimise your campaigns in real time. You can even get instant results (when using digital screens) so your OOH can be improved immediately and you’ll never miss a beat.

5-second case studies

TSW helped Clash of Kings employ a full station domination at Oxford Circus (see gallery below). 

  • Using a unique planning approach, this station was identified as a gamer hotspot.
  • The location was geo-fenced and incremental player numbers were monitored to allow for a full post-campaign validation exercise.

Epic results

There is no more powerful solution. Using an exclusive tool, TSW can quickly and automatically make the best planning decisions based on what placement, panel size, position and duration will reach your goals. And it doesn’t stop there. Throughout your campaign, 35 different data sources will be blended to show you immediate results and interactions, allowing for live optimisation.

Furthermore, your OOH will be planned not just with location and demographics in mind, but also environment, context, mind-set and more.

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