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ITV4 is a good bet for mr green

mr green tasked TSW to find ways to grow their brand and build credibility

Our experience of the power of TV sponsorship led us to explore channels with the right viewer profile and brand fit. ITV4 presented itself as the perfect solution, ticking all the right boxes: Freeview penetration, strong EPG numbers and plenty of sports programming (both live and highlights) to appeal to our core audience of 25-44 men.

A wide-ranging deal was constructed that allows mr green to attach their sponsorship idents to every unsponsored programme on the channel between 21:00 and 29:59 (05:59) every day for a year.

We also built in catch-up TV coverage: all ITV4 content on the ITV Hub shows a five-second mr green ident.

Plus for added endorsement impact, the ITV4 logo can be used on any social media and brand communications.

For added client value, a number of lucky mr green competition winners will be treated to a day out at an ITV sporting event, and a selection of VIP horse racing tickets have been set aside for mr green employees.

To back up this high-profile ITV4 deal, we’ve also got in on the ground floor with sponsorship of new channel Front Runner, another male-skewed Freeview offering that bills itself as “the first and only free-to-air dedicated sports channel in the UK… showcasing the best in action sports from across the globe. Action, lifestyle and documentaries from the worlds of skateboarding, motocross, snowboarding, surfing, mountain biking and much more. Plus X Games, boxing, UCMMA cage fighting, World Tour Poker, comedy and chat.” Sounds exciting!

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