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TSW talks partnerships at the DCA Annual Summit


The Value of partnerships. Free customer acquisition, enhanced CRM engagement and accessing new audiences. Can you really have your cake and eat it?

On Thursday 15 June 2017, our very own Parry Jones (COO, The Specialist Works) led a panel discussion at the Direct Commerce Association (DCA) Annual Summit on this very topic. Held annually the DCA Summit is an action-packed day including speakers and workshops covering topics from multi-channel profitability to staying personal in an age of privacy.

Parry was joined by key representatives from three of our valued clients including;

- Freddy Ward, Marketing Director, Hello Fresh

- Virginie Charles-Dear, CEO & Founder, toucanBox

- Karen Walker, Head of Customer Aquisition, Charles Tyrwhitt

Parry Jones (COO, The Specialist Works)
Freddy Ward (Marketing Director, Hello Fresh)
Virginie Charles-Dear (CEO & Founder, toucanBox)
Karen Walker (Head of Customer Aquisition, Charles Tyrwhitt)

Questions to the panel covered; their experiences of utilising partnerships, what channels are available (including internationally), scalability, as well as personal advice and examples for how to best maximise partnerships to achieve success.

It was clear all three of the panel hold partnerships in high esteem, discussing how worthwhile the activity was in driving low-cost customer acquisition with a CRM benefit.


One of the key results was driving proof of which brands their customers wanted to engage with hence forming the basis of which brands to form deeper partnerships with.


All in all, the day was a great success with over 100 attendees sitting in on the session. Thank you to the DCA for having us and we look forward to many more in the future.

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