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Welcome to TSW Bristol!

The opening of our new office in the heart of Bristol

Overlooking Bristol’s historic waterside, One Glass Wharf became the new home of the TSW ‘West’ team on Monday 13th November.

Migrating from the long-standing Chilcompton office, the 30-strong team huddled with anticipation before crossing the bridge and stepping into their new dynamic work space.

Waiting for the grand opening!
Excited to see the final result

For those of you who have visited us at any one of our other offices, you’ll know that we like to do things a little differently here at TSW, and our work space reflects that ethic.

As you enter TSW Bristol, you walk the catwalk! With its heart beat of colour-changing LED, each colour matches the artwork on the walls and channel positive energies. Welcome!

Head of IT & Facilities, Christian Mealing, pops the fizz

Head of IT & Facilities, Christian Mealing, pops the fizz

The reception houses a media wall with state-of-the-art AV tech surrounded by bubbles which represent ideas. The artwork intensifies where the main seating area is, representing the culmination of ideas when we all collaborate.

Embracing Bristol’s rich arts heritage, TSW commissioned local artist, Cai Burton, to design and create the mural across the whole space.    

Born and bred in Bristol, and inspired by the distinctive spirit, vibrancy, and colours of the city, Cai’s striking designs were a natural fit for our vision of the space.

“What an amazing place to work, I wish I could keep drawing here. Everyone has been so welcoming, it’s a truly great environment to work in.”Cai Burton
View to reception and telephone booths

Everything about the office is exciting! There’s an ‘Urban Park’ space with a no-screen policy encouraging relaxation, meditation and mental well-being; there are collaboration booths which seat eight - perfect for TSW’ers and clients to join forces; and the telephone booths offer the quick get-away for that private phone call or ‘standing-up’ time.

'Urban Park' space
The wooden wall of the main presentation room
Cai Burton's artwork journeys across the office

These lead us into the main presentation room with its large V-Shaped table, designed to look as though it’s scooping up from the floor, removing the barriers between presenter and presented. The main feature of the room is the wooden wall made of hand-picked reclaimed pallets, purchased from the local wood merchant. It’s visually stunning, though teamed with surround sound, you get a real multi-sensory experience which packs a punch in presentations.

Then you have the Kitchen ‘Café’; a meeting space which feels like an independent café, complete with professional coffee machine, syrups, sugar sticks and marshmallows… And of course, the free bar… 

This doubles as a huge entertainment space in which all furniture has been placed on wheels, ready to move to the side in favour of a meeting hall...or dance floor?

“In this £56 million building, this is definitely the best office space!” Building manager

We just call it home. Welcome to TSW Bristol!

Want to be a part of the TSW story? Please contact our Talent Manager:

TSW West: The Specialist Works, One Glass Wharf, Temple Quay, Bristol, BS2 0EL +44 (0)1761 233 122