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The P Word: TV in the programmatic world

A thought-provoking TSW Inspiraction Event

On November 10 TSW held the latest of our thought-provoking  ‘Inspiraction’ events. These are sociable, informal get-togethers of like-minded people with the aim of sharing knowledge and expertise.

Industry-leading speakers* and TSW specialists bring the audience up to date with the latest thinking in a particular sector (in this case, programmatic TV) over a glass or two of whatever takes their fancy and a few nibbles to line the stomach!

Adam Lynch from Sky started off by showing us how viewing habits have changed, how consumption of TV content is stronger than ever, but through digital channels, and how that unlocks a whole new world of accessible data for advertisers to use.

Richard Brant, also from Sky, and Ben Miller from DataXu then gave us some thoughts on how to use this data, showcasing Sky’s AdVance offering: cross-platform ad targeting based on viewing data and other demographic and behavioural data sources. Ben also talked about the data infrastructure behind extending audience targeting beyond TV with sequential retargeting.

After a short break, Graeme Lynch from TubeMogul gave us a view of how things might look in five years’ time, and what the programmatic expansion of TV advertising could do to the UK market.

David Cloudsdale from Adalyser presented a quick overview of how they are working on a solution to programmatically test TV ads within linear TV and optimise delivery based on performance.

Finally Matt Whelan from TSW showed us the way to really plan in programmatic elements around your TV right now, including extending campaigns with online video and how to optimise them alongside your TV response to spend your budget in the most efficient way.

The event was a great success, knowledge was shared, questions were asked and answered, new introductions were made, drinks were drunk and nibbles were nibbled….see the short trailer above for a flavour of the evening.

Check out the individual presentations below:

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