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Choose the TSW Life

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On a sunny morning in July, many of the TSW family (we’re talking Germany, China and Ireland teams as well) were ferried from our various office locations across the UK to a surprise destination for our annual Summer Strategy Day.

Rounding out the end of our ‘Wellness Week’ which involved days focused on the below themes, including team activities, daily guest speakers and even secret Hygge rooms dotted around our offices.

  • Learn & Grown; Engage your mind and be open to learning new things, both work and non-work related.
  • Be Generous; Give back and be generous when doing so.
  • Stay Mindful; Are you mentally thriving or just surviving? We want to support you in the right way.
  • Be Active; Get ready, get set, get active.

The only clue staff received was it was going to be WILD, so you can imagine the surprise when the buses disembarked at the glorious Port Lympne Hotel in the Port Lympne Wildlife Park in Kent. The day kicked off with a bang, with speeches from members of our senior management team announcing promotions, new starters and winners from the various competitions that took place during ‘Wellness Week’.

The key purpose of the day was to ‘Connect’ not only with our new team members from PACE as well as the international teams, but also to discuss and nail ‘the why’ of TSW. Why we all come to work every day and how we keep that passion and energy pumping as we grow as a business.

Concluding the day was a safari tour, BBQ lunch and of course some light competition in the form of a Beer Pong competition. I think you can see from the photos, ‘light’ competition doesn’t really exist at TSW with the concentration intensifying as we hit the finals.

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