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Mobile app user acquisition: The TSW way…

TSW has built a team of mobile app acquisition experts over the past three years. These experts work with a range of clients from the worlds of gaming, gambling, dating, travel and more; here’s a brief overview on how they maximise performance for our clients:

Mobile video:

Using video to drive app installs, and subsequently engaged post install users has become more and more important over the past couple of years.

Not only has using video become a very effective way of utilising the paid social opportunities outlined above there are also very cost effective ways of using mobile video networks to find users.

Most brands are perfectly placed to take advantage of the responsive nature of mobile video inventory.

Optimising to an in app metric:

One of the biggest advancements in mobile app acquisition marketing over the past couple of years has been the change in the way campaign success is measured. It used to be the case that campaign KPIs were often based around download volume or the achievement of a particular position in the app store. As mobile marketers have become more aware of clients’ ultimate business goals now most successful app campaigns are based around an in app metric. So, for example, with an insurance brand that may be a cost per quote? The big change in focus here has been based on two factors. Firstly, it is easy to buy a lot of installs relatively cheaply using what are known as ‘incentivised or rewarded’ ad networks.

These essentially reward users that download an app, often by giving them in game or virtual currency for a particular game that they may be playing. This ensures that the advertised app generates a large number of downloads but, as the main reason for downloading the app was to acquire in game currency rather than for the app itself, the life time value of these users is often very poor.

The focus on in app KPIs means that higher quality, non-incentivised suppliers tend to be the ones that TSW would most recommend. All of the tactics above are non-incentivised suppliers.

TSW are perfectly placed to help brands with their app marketing campaigns. We have huge experience on both the ASO and the paid app acquisition side of things. We are also experts on the all-important subject of app attribution.

For more information TSW’s approach to mobile app user acquisition please click here or contact Richard Downey on [email protected] or call Richard on 020 7539 6108.