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The Television has been revolutionised

Next generation analytics for dynamic and highly optimised TV, free from the constraints of network deals.

TV has long been celebrated as the most exciting, glamorous media channel of all – the home of ads that people talk about, where household names are made. Its creative potential is virtually unlimited and its emotive impact enormous. It offers unparalleled flexibility, global scale and reach: with massive audiences across countless channels, devices and regions. Any time, any where…

brand-building AND direct response

While TV is often considered the platform of choice for raising brand awareness, new technologies now offer scope for more sophisticated and intelligent marketing techniques – precision targeting and revolutionary tracking make it an excellent channel for driving social engagement and direct response. TV advertising can now generate an immediate response and make your brand famous.

independently tailored media plans

There’s no one-size-fits-all media plan that will work for every business, however. It’s important to make use of all insight and data available to inform the most effective strategy. All too often, TV clients are subjected to bulk media buying schemes, locked-in to low-performing slots from unwanted inventory. But TV can generate better results than that: it is possible to have the flexibility and dynamism to reach the right people, at the right time, for the duration of your campaign.

TV for Apps

This is TV designed for apps: campaigns measured and optimised while they are live, with in-app actions attributed to individual TV spots. No more investing large media budgets in an untrackable channel. You have the power to attribute every penny you spend to installs, in-app actions and more. Key metrics are measured, campaigns are optimised and you can see the results the same way you can with any digital marketing. This is TV the way you’ve been waiting for it.

Get TV that feels like digital. Know exactly where and how your TV ads are earning their keep. And have them optimised accordingly, while the campaign runs. Constant improvement. Transformed results.

You’ll also get huge retargeting opportunities by gaining deeper insights into installs. Understand what actually drove TV audiences to install your app and retarget them with the right message at the right time, wherever they are in the world.

brand performance expertise

The Specialist Works runs TV campaigns across the globe, on that basis. Over 10 years of insight and experience in this field has informed a unique Brand Performance approach to TV. Combining the biggest TV moments and highest profile TV spots alongside the hardest-working, most efficient channels – as only an independent agency can – leads to some truly impressive outcomes.

flip the channel

TV can be one of your strongest contributors to your brand and performance metrics and with next generation analytics, you can attribute social engagement, website visits and sales to your campaign, understand return on investment, and forecast with confidence.