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Welcome to The Specialist Works UK.

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Stay on top, on trend, online

Display advertising, paid search, retargeting, affiliate, social and influencer marketing - there is a lot to think about.

The digital landscape is continually evolving, as new technologies and shifting trends push its boundaries ever further. Staying on top of social media is one thing, staying ahead of the search engines another. So managing the interaction between all available consumer touch-points, to provide a coherent user journey that ends in the right place, can be a complex task.

bolster your own digital team

Many fast-growing businesses have an excellent understanding of digital marketing, but to implement this knowledge across such a vast and disparate channel, whilst leaving scope to test, scrutinize, optimise and scale, is a challenge even for a well-staffed department. The Specialist Works’ digital team, equipped with relevant expertise across the board, fully appreciates these requirements – from an independent and objective standpoint – and can serve as an extension to your own digital department when needed.

expertise across the board

Whether you want to delve deeper into data, to better understand the effectiveness of different digital display placements; or whether you need to alter a Search strategy to sidestep competitor activity, The Specialist Works can provide the resources and knowledge to do so as quickly and effectively as possible. And when you need to plug a gap in a campaign portfolio, there will be a specialist on-hand, ready to advise and act on any of the following

Paid Search

A strong and direct channel for customer acquisition, Paid Search is most effective when integrated with wider marketing efforts. With an up-to-date knowledge of the most effective Search techniques, The Specialist Works can help capture and funnel prospective customers, converting those already primed by marketing activity from other channels.


98% of website visitors don’t buy on their first visit (according to Ad Roll), which means that re-targeting is crucial to keep their interest piqued. It can turn fence-sitters into converted customers and, even more importantly, stop them from wandering over to a competitor’s business. Through in-depth analysis of demographics, user behaviour and traffic sources, The Specialist Works can help deliver a improved responses, though innovative and strategic video/display campaigns, reaching across all online-enabled devices.

Display advertising

The Specialist Works uses new and advanced targeting techniques to get the most out of display ads. With more accurate attribution techniques and a close eye on the context of where adverts are placed, it’s certainly possible to get great performance from a display campaign. Whether hand-selecting media, or buying programmatically; with access to the right algorithms and analytical tools, you can optimise creative, viewability and conversion rates for the best possible performance.

Paid Social

Effective social marketing involves more than just delivering likes and shares on social media platforms. There are now 2 billion users of social media across the globe, and these channels are growing ever more sophisticated: offering increasingly detailed insights into the changing behaviours of this vast audience. Equipped with such data, The Specialist Works can help inform the most engaging methodologies for acquiring new customers as efficiently as your highest performing channels.

Affiliate Marketing

Managing an affiliate program, while effective, can be a time-consuming affair. Consistently refreshing offers, policing existing affiliates, recruiting new ones, organising commissions and monitoring the competition at the same time… it can be a lot to take on. The Specialist Works can manage all this for you, on a low risk basis, reaching new customers for the lowest network rates.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is now a driving force for businesses looking to increase awareness and boost sales directly via social media. But the route to identifying, recruiting and managing suitable influencers that resonate with your brand isn’t always clear – and the resources needed for accurate attribution and analysis of their activity can be complex. TSW experts work with brands directly, as well as through partners, to manage influencer marketing campaigns.