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Leave no channel unturned

Comprehensive, holistic marketing campaigns to reach every niche

In an age of technological convergence, it’s fair to say that the boundaries between certain media channels have become blurred. There are complex interactions and overlaps between TV and digital, social and mobile; and whilst the Pathways team can help you make the most of these synergies, they can also highlight any outlying opportunities that might be available on other channels.


the best reception for your campaign

Radio is a fantastically powerful medium in itself. It provides brilliantly effective direct response campaigns when combined with TSW’s ability to lower your costs. With exceptional buying and trading standards, you can use radio to add cost-efficient weight to your TV campaigns, driving increased reach and response.

Don’t just rely on standard spot airtime. To truly maximise the power of your radio, take advantage of TSW’s knowledge and understanding of auction inventory, sponsorships, promotions, companion display campaigns (on Spotify and other digital networks) to drive growth for your business.

Enhanced audience targeting finds where your audience listens and helps you to reach them is the most efficient way possible.


big screen, big impact

If you want to see your creative shine, there’s no more grandiose a setting than a cinema auditorium. In that context, the audience is at their most focused and most receptive: eagerly watching and listening. Cinema advertisements boast all the emotive potential of TV, but on an even larger scale. It’s hard to conjure up the same level of excitement in any other medium.

Of course, cinema ads work most effectively when considered as part of a wider, cross-channel campaign. With impressive brand-building effects, they can create uplift in the responses from ads on other channels. Get the creative right, and cinema can provide an effective boost to your marketing message.


TV's extended reach

VOD platforms offer many of the creative advantages of TV, with the added promise of better response rates, provided by the functionality of their online setting. By the same token, advertisements can be highly targeted: with plentiful data on who is choosing to watch what, and when.

It’s a dynamic channel that continues to evolve, with increasing numbers of VOD users also accessing content through mobile devices as well as at home. And on the other side, platform holders like Netflix and Amazon continue to invest in VOD content, drawing bigger and bigger audiences: with plentiful data for precision targeting.