Do you want to change the media industry? We do.

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Do you want to be part of a fast-growing team of media specialists with a start-up attitude?  Do you want to produce work that matters for a range of high-profile brands? And do you want to have a good time doing it?

If you have the PICK qualities we look for (Passion, Inquisitiveness, Caring and Knowledge) then let’s have a chat.

Here are some reasons you might like to join our family:

Be the best

Whether you’re already the best at what you do or just starting out, we offer non-stop training and growth opportunities. After all, we’re building the most talented team of specialists around. But you have to have that raw talent to make things happen.

Jump on the TSW bus...

Be rebellious

Got fresh, exciting ideas that challenge the norm? Enjoy the freedom to explore them. Our innovative track record comes from people who break rules, push boundaries and develop new ways of thinking.

Be awesome

Receive care and support from those around you, make friends, have fun. And don’t forget to give a little back. A little karma goes a long way.

Celebrating another win!
Supportive AND dysfunctional. Win-win!

Supportive AND dysfunctional. Win-win!

What else you can expect from life at The Specialist Works...

We’re not perfect

We’re a family. As supportive and dysfunctional as any. We look after each other and joke about. Occasionally we argue. That happens when you’re passionate about what you do. But mainly we just love working together and share each other’s ambition to do great work. 

Exciting perks

The little things count for a lot around here. Enjoy flexible hours, free healthy breakfasts, money towards gym memberships, a ride-to-work scheme, discounted holidays, regular social events, a company-wide bonus scheme and more. Nice, eh?

Don’t believe us?

Good. You’re questioning things. We like that. But we’ve won repeated recognition for being a great company to work for. We’re genuinely proud of this but we’ll never stop trying to improve. If you can say the same about yourself, we could be right for each other.

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