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Insight for Sore Eyes – September

Insight for Sore Eyes is a once a month round-up of news and comment from our specialists and selected stories from the media marketplace; we hope you find it useful for your business.

Features this month include: The Specialist View: Welcome to TSW’s first ever conference: Performance ‘Focus 18’; Media consumption is on the up!; The impact of Uber’s London licence loss; Stellar line up of industry leaders at The Big Think 2017; Hey big [digital] spender!; New Instagram ‘Stories’ functionality; and, Women in Media: Five pieces of advice.

Take five. And read all about it….

The Specialist View: Performance ‘Focus 18’ – The Full Report

Welcome to TSW’s first ever conference: Performance ‘Focus 18’.

Set against the backdrop of Brighton’s 5*, The Grand Hotel, we sorted the performance proof from the flagrant fugazi, deduced digital certainty from salesy smoke and mirrors, and we partied ‘til dawn on the seafront.

The aim was to rewrite the rules of performance; to redefine what performance means. We addressed the big topical issues of the industry and invited experts from across all disciplines to help solve them; speakers included Autotrader, Laundrapp, The Telegraph, ITV & Sky.

If you were there, here’s a recap… And if you weren’t, here’s a flavour of what we learned… And yes, we’re already thinking about Performance ‘Focus 19’…

Read it here

Media consumption is on the up!

According to the IPA’s latest Touchpoints research, adults are spending almost 8 hours each day consuming media, up 9% since 2016.

Multi-media consumption is growing. In 2005, 79% of adults were consuming two or more media in the same half hour – this has risen to 92% in 2017. Furthermore, 26% of all adults are consuming more than three different media in any half hour.

This highlights the importance of integrating cross-channel communications and having a holistic view of the consumer journey in the ever-changing media landscape.

“More than ever it’s important for brands to think about how they create standout. With most people consuming two media at the same time, and a growing share viewing 3 at the same time, it’s crucial to grab people’s attention with your key message, great creative, or preferably both. But alongside this challenge also comes an opportunity, brands no longer need to communicate all their benefits in one creative, as consumers are able and willing to look for more information online immediately. Layering of messages across touchpoints requires thought into the consumer journey and how to make this work best for you. Technologies such as TVSync and TVTY can help you to make the most of this by syncing your search, social and website to be reflective of advertising that’s on TV at that moment – whether it be your own, or your competitors.” TSW’s Strategic Planning Associate Director, Emma Martin

Read it here

With only 21 days to appeal, Uber’s new reality is fast approaching, watch this space…

“The marketing departments at My Taxi, Gett and Kabbee should be mobilising fast. As should any newcomers to the sector. This is their opportunity to steal market share. Even if Uber manages to overturn the ruling, this decision will damage their business. Londoners will be downloading competitor apps as soon as they hear the news.” TSW’s COO, Parry Jones

Read it here

Stellar line up of industry leaders at The Big Think 2017

Hosted at Bafta, this year’s event featured creative, inspirational and influential speakers from across the media industry; the agenda included:

  • The MDs of Sky & ITV Commercial, along with C4’s Sales Director, discussed the future of TV.
  • Former Guardian editor, Alan Rusbridger, chaired a panel of journalists from ITV, Sky News and Channel 4 who discussed fake news, online news dissemination, and the relationship between newspapers and broadcasters.
  • How brands are missing a trick when it comes to targeting.

“It was a great morning with not a weak link in the line-up. And whilst informative, I particularly loved the challenging (but spot-on) ‘If I could change one thing…’ opening salvo from some great media, creative and client minds. Covering subjects such as the perils of short-termism, social inclusion within creative, being brave again, losing the bullshit jargon, complexity for the sake of complexity, and the dangerous fixation on shiny new things. Andy Nairn from Lucky Generals made the beautiful point that we should focus on the things that don’t change with mankind, not the things that do. Because from these come real human truths, from which genuinely compelling messages come. Simplicity and brevity were also mooted, so taking that onboard.” TSW’s Strategic Director, Sean Meikle

View it here

To learn more about any of the articles above, or to discuss any of TSW’s services, please contact the Marketing Team on 020 7539 6104.