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The Specialist Works is an independent media and creative agency, dedicated to growing your business – locally or internationally. We are experts in TV, audio-visual, online, out of home, printed media, mobile and creative and will help you develop the right campaigns and optimise for the best results.

Entirely independent and free from industry pressure to pursue a set path, we’ve evolved from a media and creative agency into a growth partner and are passionate about your success.

Count on us to find the most innovative solutions to your business goals, whether that’s a tactical campaign to grow customers or multi-channel strategic plan to build the brand and expand internationally.



DR or Brand - next generation analytics for dynamic and highly optimised tv, free from the constraints of network deals. TV has long been celebrated as the most exciting, glamorous media channel of all – the home of ads that people talk about, where household names are made. Its creative potential is virtually unlimited and its emotive impact enormous. It offers unparalleled flexibility, global scale and reach: with massive audiences across countless channels, devices and regions. Any time, any where…

TV for Apps

This is TV designed for apps: campaigns measured and optimised while they are live, with in-app actions attributed to individual TV spots. No more investing large media budgets in an untrackable channel. You have the power to attribute every penny you spend to installs, in-app actions and more. Key metrics are measured, campaigns are optimised and you can see the results the same way you can with any digital marketing. This is TV the way you’ve been waiting for it.

Print Media

Print is still as impactful as ever, with impressive performance when integrated into cross-channel campaigns. Whether you advertise in newspapers, magazines or parcels, via direct mail, door drops or inserts; printed media offers an array of useful and effective media channels, targeting your audience when they are at their most receptive. They’ll only read it when they have time… and this is time which can also be used to respond. Why do you think we see 3x higher response rates vs other channels?

Digital Media

Display advertising, paid search, retargeting, affiliate, social and influencer marketing - there is a lot to think about. The digital landscape is continually evolving, as new technologies and shifting trends push its boundaries ever further. Staying on top of social media is one thing, staying ahead of the search engines another. So managing the interaction between all available consumer touch-points, to provide a coherent user journey that ends in the right place, can be a complex task.


Independent and unbiased advice on mobile attribution, media buying, optimisation and reporting. Effective mobile marketing needs a detailed understanding of the processes involved. TSW’s team of mobile specialists is well-poised to guide you every step of the way. app installs Finding your way through the minefield of mobile marketing requires patience and expertise. The days of buying as many downloads as possible is well and truly over. Optimising in-app activities (in-app purchases/bookings/sales) is the smart way to get the best returns from your mobile marketing activity.

Out-of-home advertising

Real-time tracking and optimisation for outdoor advertisements. Out of home (OOH) has been a powerful channel throughout the history of advertising. And now, there’s proof of its efficacy: it has become measurable. Indeed, with TSW’s Digital Response OOH offering, your outdoor advertising can now operate more like digital.


Our philosophy? We don’t do weird and random just for the sake of it. And you shouldn’t either. We believe creativity isn’t art. It’s problem solving. So that’s what we do. And sometimes, where effective, we do it in a weird or funny or cool way.
Being part of a media agency gives us a greater understanding of your media plan, allowing us to produce creative that actually works with your media and gets even better results.

Brand partnerships

Collaborate with some of the world’s best-loved and fastest-growing brands by joining The Partnership Network at TSW. The Partnership Network facilitates the co-operation of 100+ ambitious growth brands, eager to work together to grow their businesses.

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