Efficient Conversion

Efficient Conversion: for better acquisition planning

Whichever response channel consumers choose, you will harvest maximum ROI

How do your customers respond to your advertising? Searching for your brand? Visiting your URL? Through voucher code sites? Chances are it’s a combination of all those and more.

Covering all the bases is time-consuming and difficult and can be a real frustration. But the deeper into the purchase process, the more every conversion percentage point matters. So this stuff is incredibly important.

Make your life easier and enjoy stronger ROI by having TSW behind your paid search and affiliate marketing. Have the confidence to know when and how to invest in these efficient conversion channels and understand how yours are performing. Receive briefing sheets along with your offline and through-the-line media plans so you know when to take key actions that take advantage of big offline drivers like TV. TSW can optimise across all channels, or you can pass these briefing sheets onto in-house teams or other agencies.

Find more about the different efficient conversion channels and how TSW can help you optimise ROI and customer acquisition across each one or all of them working together.

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