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How To Produce Winning Drtv Ads For Gaming Apps

DRTV Ads For Gaming Apps

When it comes to making successful DRTV ads, the main thing to ask yourself is: will they produce a direct response!? Once the ad rolls, will the audience immediately understand what it is you’re offering and what they need to do to get it? Alongside that, will the results from such advertising stack up nicely against the costs?

Fortunately, for media agencies with the means to test and measure the responses from DRTV campaigns, these are perfectly manageable objectives. For all the bells and whistles of digital media, and the esoteric glamour of an abstracted brand-building campaign – when it comes to making money directly off the back of advertising, straightforward DRTV executions can perform very well indeed.

Here’s a few of the basic considerations to have in mind when considering how to create a DRTV ads for gaming apps…


Understand Audience Behaviour

It’s critical to know your audience when conjuring up any sort of advertisements, but when attempting to elicit a specific response – as DRTV ads for gaming apps do, it becomes even more important. You want to make an ad that speaks directly to them and moves them to a particular action. And when there are ever-increasing volumes of data to help quantify exactly how audiences do respond to certain types of messaging, brands or products – according to time of day, year, demographics, gender, location etc… we’re able to harness that breadth of information to give the best chance of shaping the desired response.

So to create a successful DRTV ad, the first thing you need is an accurate analytics platform (and/or media agency) behind it – indeed, that’s the only sensible way to measure how successful your ads are. And the best way to gauge how your audience is likely to respond in the future.


Coherent Messaging

As Pace’s Head of Production, Joe Morris, puts it “First and foremost is message. It’s all well and good having a pretty ad, but it’s not worth anything if your message doesn’t come through clearly and powerfully. In DRTV you want to instil within the viewer an action, and it’s the message that drives this action. Keep it clear and direct. With every creative decision you have to ask ‘does this aid the message or hinder it?’ and if it’s the latter, it goes.”

You don’t want to leave anything open to misinterpretation or confusion – just explain what you’re offering and how the viewers can get it. Use a voice-over to direct your message to the viewer, and reinforce this with text on screen. Make sure you’re heard and make sure you’re understood, whilst keeping the URL or desired search terms in the fore wherever possible.


Strong Call-to-action

Whatever the general message might be, when it comes to DRTV, a strong call-to-action is an absolute must. You’ve just presented your product in its best light and laid out a convincing message to entice your audience, so now’s the time to capture that moment of impulse.

In terms of promoting a free download via mobile, as so many gaming apps do, there’s very little in the way of barriers between the advertisement and the viewer. They don’t need to consider the cost and, statistically-speaking, their mobile device is likely to be within arms reach. It’s just a small gap in an otherwise frictionless user-journey, so go on… give ’em a little push in the right direction. Just be wary of coming across as heavy-handed. Make it clear and keep it simple, but don’t force it.


Attention Grabbing

Again, this is a universal rule of advertising; certainly not limited to DRTV gambling ads, but highly pertinent in this context. It’s a crowded marketplace, and by their very nature, products can share close similarities. There’s not always much product distinction – casino games need to look like casino games. So that initial impression delivered by an ad is all important, to stand out over the competition. You have only a brief opportunity to get the viewer’s attention and deliver your message in a memorable way – so make that moment as impactful as possible. Don’t be dismissed as ‘just another casino ad’.



The market for gambling products and services is highly sensitive towards promotional incentives. This gives advertisers a unique set of challenges. It’s not a case of convincing the audience that something’s worth spending money on. It’s not even about pushing something that’s ‘free’. It’s about giving viewers something extra on top – a virtual bribe to go and investigate a new app or game. The typical tagline ‘here’s £10 free to get started’ works wonders in overcoming audience inertia. Getting that promotional figure right is a different issue, as it has important implications in determining what value players will be attracted: so effective testing is also crucial to calculate what size of carrot to dangle.


Don’t Disregard Branding When Producing Drtv Ads For Gaming Apps

Although you’re ultimately looking to drive a specific response, it’s important not to disregard brand considerations when operating in a crowded marketplace. Your brand gives your product distinction and memorability, and needs to be elevated from competitive clutter to have the best chance of success. In terms of promoting apps and sites, it’s likely the call-to-action will be linked to a URL; and that URL will be innately linked to the brand, so reinforce it where possible.

So while the overall objective might not be brand awareness, it still has a vital role to play in how the rest of the messaging hangs together. You don’t want your audience getting muddled between casino-fun.com and fun-casino.com, for instance. A strong brand’s also useful in establishing trust – which is of particular importance whenever the sharing of payment details might be required.


Stay Focused On Objective

As tempting as it may be to try and entertain your audience, or cross-sell a further range of products or games, it’s better to concentrate entirely on generating that singular response. Anything else is, frankly, irrelevant at that moment in time. Indeed, your ad is likely to work better if production is kept relatively simple. Straightforward messages with clear words and images are easier to understand, more credible and often more urgent. This means they will lead to action more directly.

“Such ads needn’t cost the earth if these fundamentals are followed.” Joe Morris explains further “Some of our most successful ads that have yielded astounding results have been very moderate budget. It’s all about being focused and remembering that an advert’s success is measured by the amount of customers it brings you, not the amount of awards it wins. So keep it on point.”


Adhere To A Singular Vision

“Trust your producer. Like hiring a mechanic to fix your car, your producer is there because he’s a professional in his field with years of experience behind him. The best adverts are born out of a healthy collaborative process, with clients and the production team all pulling together, adhering to a singular vision. Often this requires a degree of trust on the client’s side, but it always pays off in the end.” adds Morris.

Indeed, the production process can prove quite painless when you stick to a clear vision from start to finish; preferably under the guidance of someone with experience of the whole process and the right sector. The best way to produce successful DRTV ads for gaming apps, frankly, is to work with an agency that has successfully specialised in that field.

So click here to do that now!