Direct Mail

Direct mail combined with the secrets of print and design

Integrate strategy, data, print and design for unbeatable response rates

Unbeatable targeting and personalisation

Demographics. Geography. Purchase history. Voting history. House type. Car owned. Age of children. Direct mail (DM) uses all this information and much more to be the most highly-targeted acquisition channel. Get it right and the response levels are amazing.

Epic results

By optimising strategy across data, print, postage and design, you can create campaigns that deliver great response at lower costs.

More interactive DM. Higher customer engagement. Dramatic ROI.


People give 28% more value to something they can see and touch over something they can just see, making DM a powerful choice over or alongside digital.

17 days

The amount of time, on average, that a piece of direct mail is kept in a household

Source: Royal Mail MarketReach, The Private Life of Mail

65% of direct mail received is opened and over half is interacted with

65% of direct mail received is opened and over half is interacted with

Fearlessly re-engineered print

Engage people. Drive action. Further boost your ROI by as much as 60%. Disrupt and do more with interactive print formats. The best results come from a single, integrated print+postage+data+creative strategy. The best results come from specialists.

21% less

cognitive effort is required to understand physical media than visual only media. That’s the power of touch.

Source: True Impact

5-second case study

 “The most responsive piece of DM ever.” 

The feedback from Textron Aviation after TSW revolutionised their DM pack to include video in print. The work stood out to the niche, super high-end audience, winning Textron valuable new customers and TSW a Direct Commerce award for DM.

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DM with Personarlity

Learn how your customers or cold DM prospects think. Divide your mailing list into Personar types and deliver bespoke creative that can increase ROI by 25%.

What is Personar? It is the tool that tells you which people make decisions based on emotion and which use rationale; which people seek out factual info and which are drawn to theory. Most importantly it tells you how to communicate differently with each group in order to turbo-charge response.

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Who are your best prospects? And how should you talk to them?
Who are your best prospects? And how should you talk to them?

DM plays really well with others. Think about planning it alongside your Press, Door drops and Inserts. And don’t forget to look at our award-winning print solutions.

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