Digital Display

Digital display with better targeting and higher response

Benefit from new and advanced targeting techniques pushing digital display to a whole new level

It’s a new era

Dodgy banners on random websites have traditionally been an expected yet low impact part of digital marketing. But the medium is maturing, getting smarter, doing better, and bringing real value to anyone who gets it right.

80% of all display buys will be programmatic by 2020, demonstrating the landscape shift to buying more sophisticated audiences at scale.

70+ million

unique signals go into each programmatic display auction decision


of display ads are served to non-human traffic. Find out how
to get around this.

Programmatic buying is automating the display buying process. It’s proving itself as a cost-effective way to buy digital display.

The increased automation is not without problems. It takes a smart, detailed planner working with programmatic buying to overcome them. Only then can you ensure that every one of your ads is served to human traffic for actual viewable impressions (you’d be surprised how often this isn’t the case).

Epic results

Drive new customers and awareness. Combining a whole bunch of sophisticated targeting methods (like behavioural, lookalike and contextual), creates stronger campaigns that are more closely aligned to your actual prospective customers, making every impression count.


of TSW display ads in the UK are viewable impressions, compared to an average of just over half from other agencies.

The display revolution

Grab an advantage with a team who truly understands what motivates your customers and where they are in their purchase journey. Advances in display technology mean your ads are better optimised towards viewability and conversion, along with increasingly innovative creative formats designed to excite your potential customers.

Attribution is everything

TSW specialists understand the challenge advertisers face in making sense of their display performance. Optimise towards your in-channel performance goals using TSW’s experience across analytics platforms and pick up on purchase trends across digital channels that make your budget go further.

Utilise Paid Social alongside your digital display campaigns to add a hugely responsive layer of activity that hits people while they consume their feed. Don’t forget that display response doesn’t always happen right away, so make sure to deploy some well segmented Retargeting campaigns.

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