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China Joy report

Five things I learned at China Joy 2016…

by Richard Downey Global New Business Director, Mobile

One of the biggest digital entertainment expos on the planet, China Joy is an annual conference full of the weird, wonderful and inspiring developments in consumer technologies. While spreading the word about TSW’s leading TV for apps tracking solution, I spent a week absorbed in this heady melting pot of cutting-edge tech. Amongst the 3,500 games and 60,000 industry reps, four stand-out trends rose to the top at the world-class event…

China is a big place and an even bigger potential market

OK, so I didn’t need to fly to Shanghai to realise how massive China is, but a talk I attended at the World Mobile Game Conference reinforced it. The speaker represented the business responsible for all the digital OOH advertising used across the public transport system of China’s main cities. He said that, every working day, their ads were seen by 570 million commuters. To put that in context, the population of the whole of the EU (including the UK) is 508 million!

For Asian companies looking to find western partners, trust is everything

For Asian games companies looking to expand their user acquisition efforts outside their home continent, Europe and North America can be daunting places. As well as the obvious challenges of time zones, geographical and language differences, it is crucial that the publishers feel that their western partners understand the unique challenges in working with Asian, and in particular Chinese, businesses. Trust is everything and demonstrating knowledge of the Asian gaming world, as well as examples of work done with Asian businesses in the past, is invaluable.

And finally…Shanghai in July is hot!

That part of East Asia is experiencing a heatwave at the moment and six days there is more than enough to feel the full force of it. Hot, humid and not the weather to be walking around in business attire! Weather aside, Shanghai is a modern, friendly and vibrant city. The perfect venue for China Joy, an event that is all about the future and the exciting possibilities technology brings us.

Call Richard Downey on 020 7539 6108, 07808 558 240, or email [email protected]