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Many of your customers will use affiliates. It is a fact of modern business life. Getting this channel working is an essential part of your marketing mix

No brainer

Access databases of the largest publishers and reach customers in buying mode with extremely low risk. Affiliate marketing is incredibly powerful, accounting for £17.7 billion in sales in 2015.

Unrivalled value

As well as making the affiliates work harder, TSW will ensure all your commercials are as competitive as possible, including your network rates, giving you access to our preferential deals, and also the opportunity to work in partnership with our other affiliate clients, sharing relevant audiences and increasing sales volumes.

A significant percentage (14%) of response generated from TV campaigns comes through the affiliate channel

A significant percentage (14%) of response generated from TV campaigns comes through the affiliate channel

An affiliate site is often the last step in your customer’s journey. That journey can start with any online or offline media. For example, 14% of all the response generated by TV comes through an affiliate. Affiliate marketing planned seamlessly with other channels will increase ROI across your total media spend. Affiliate specialist agencies never offer this but at TSW it comes as standard.

Epic results

Double your sales in one year. That’s typically what has happened when TSW takes over a client’s affiliate management. Sometimes it’s more.


Return on every £1 spent on affiliate marketing, on average.

5-second case studies:

  • “Appointing TSW was the single best decision we made last year” said a financial company after TSW began handling their affiliate marketing.
  • A subscription dining club, a major animal charity and a high street retailer all boosted their sales by over 100% in year one after appointing TSW. In each case, all profitability KPIs were also met.

What lies behind these great client stories?

  • Expertise in selecting networks and negotiating rates
  • Re-invigorating the affiliate base
  • Premium placement planning

Headache-free service

Affiliate marketing has a reputation for being a pain to manage. It can be extremely lucrative, but making that happen takes up a lot of your time. A successful campaign always involves:

  • Planning promotions and paid placements
  • Continually developing offers and commission structure
  • Constantly recruiting new affiliates
  • Ongoing management of all listings
  • Monitoring competitors
  • Policing affiliates

All of this is time-consuming, and contrary to popular belief the affiliate networks won’t do it for you. TSW will provide all of this and more as part of affiliate management, and we’ll also coordinate the programme with your other online and offline marketing activity to maximise response and minimise cannibalisation.

If you’ve got great offers, affiliate marketing will definitely work for you, but you should also share those offers more broadly using other highly trackable media such as Inserts, Paid Social, Door Drops, and Direct Mail to maximise their reach and performance.

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