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Advertising on Pinterest

Advertising on Pinterest – are you ready?

It started life as one of the more niche social networks: a quirky guide to the latest vegan cupcake recipe and weird and wonderful arts and crafts.

But Pinterest grew up. Its user base increased by 50% in the last year, and it turned into a Holy Grail for e-commerce: a social platform where users were searching for the perfect purchase. And it’s only this month that the doors have been opened to UK advertisers, via the ‘Promoted Pins’ service – the same mechanics as a Facebook promoted post, but reaching an audience switched on to that all-important buying frame of mind.

It’s a brand new opportunity, combining the intent of paid search with the targeting of social networks. Pinterest ads capitalise on the ‘consideration mindset’, reaching users who are searching for high quality content and ideas – particularly food, fashion and home décor. They won’t be sitting with card details ready, but they will be looking to buy. Coupled with other nascent features like Cinematic Pins and Buyable Pins, and new targeting and purchasing options, Pinterest is fast becoming a varied and exciting landscape for all stages and objectives, from discovery to purchase.

Pinterest have placed content restrictions on Promoted Pins, but it works to your advantage. You can’t include promotions in images, price-points or a ‘false sense of urgency’ but all this means the hide rate on Pinterest ads is 90% lower than other digital platforms because the content is so similar to what users are browsing for. In the US, 75% of saved pins are those promoted by businesses. Think about it: a digital equivalent of cutting out and scrapbooking paid-for material. This is unprecedented.

If paid social already underpins your digital activity and you can engineer some visually impactful creative, now’s the time to get a new social channel in the mix. Where Instagram might have been cautiously lurking around the periphery of your strategy (depending on your target audience) this could be a viable alternative. Pinterest boasts all the stunning imagery of Instagram, but without the scroll-and-forget user experience and limiting younger demographic, making Pinterest a far less treacherous landscape for direct response.

The Pinterest in-app purchase is imminent too, so make sure your brand has laid the groundwork for success when this game-changing innovation arrives. While Pinterest users aren’t looking to be sold to (who is?), they are looking to be engaged. Your content needs to be genuine, enticing and mindful of the needs of the user before even thinking about a sale.

So, with some seriously ‘scrapbookable’ ideas and some sexy imagery to convey your story, now is the time to discover how your brand could benefit from the latest in truly native social advertising.

Call Sam Vandermark on 020 7539 6139, or email [email protected]