Welcome to a new breed of media agency.

 A media agency rewriting the rules of performance to deliver strategies and outcomes beyond the reach of the following pack.

We’ll make your brand famous with your target audience and we’ll make you infamous as a marketer.

We are an award-winning, borderless Brand Performance media agency.  What does that mean?  It means we deliver game-changing performance across both brand and performance metrics for our clients, time after time, wherever in the world they need it.

What makes TSW different is that:

  • Unlike networks - we are free from the strategically crippling restrictions arising out of their self-serving trading deals.
  • Unlike other independents - we are borderless, which matters to our eCommerce and mobile gaming clients.
  • Unlike everyone – the disruptive execution of our in-channel specialists allow our Pathways strategic planning team to set strategies that others simply can’t.

How do we do it? Our fully integrated, channel-neutral planning approach, supported by best in class channel specialists unlock the best performance from clients’ media budgets. 

Why clients love us

  • Strategic planning know-how and the buying power and agility to make the otherwise impossible possible
  • Expertise to activate campaigns to new levels of precision and accountability
  • Bridging the metrics gap between online and offline consumer journeys

Our clients have voted us Media Agency of the Year for the last 4 consecutive years (RAR Awards, UK).

"TSW delivered solid growth...exceeded all expectations." Frazer Armstrong, Scottish Friendly

We win awards because of innovative models:

Our unique AV model:

We shaped a screen-neutral AV model featuring substantial trading advantages that we can’t talk about here, cutting edge ‘to-the-second’ attribution across TV and online channels, programmatic retargeting of TV-response with online video in-campaign optimisation, precision targeting that beats network agencies by an average of 30% for most audiences and much MUCH more.

To find out more contact:  

Matthew Pover on +44 (0) 1761 234 824 or email matthewpover@thespecialistworks.com


We created ‘TVforApps’ – a TV model with planning techniques designed specifically to drive App chart position and high volumes of organic installs efficiently. The model also attributes app installs and in-app actions back to individual TV spots to generate actionable insight and fuel in-campaign optimisation. 

To find out more contact: 

Richard Downey on +44 (0) 20 7539 6108, +44 (0) 7808 558 240, or email richarddowney@thespecialistworks.com

'Powerhouse Deals':

We pooled our buying power and created ‘Powerhouse Deals’. Media owners reward bulk buying of media with media value that we can then transparently pass directly back to our participating clients in the form of deep discounts.

To find out more contact: 

Parry Jones on +44 (0) 1732 529 341, +44 (0) 20 7539 6116 or email parryjones@thespecialistworks.com

Goodwill Works:

All our clients can access Goodwill Works, our exclusive collaboration network where brands partner to acquire customers for nothing: More information can be found here:   www.goodwill-works.com

To find out more contact:

Lucy Davis on +44 (0) 1732 529 354 or email lucydavis@thespecialistworks.com 

"Unlocked unprecedented campaign efficiences..." François Callens, Voyage Privé

We grow businesses and we have fun while we’re doing it. Come and become part of the TSW family:

Call Matthew Pover on +44 (0) 7734 982 478 or email him at matthewpover@thespecialistworks.com

Group inbox: info@thespecialistworks.com 

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