TSW Ireland - happy anniversary

03 January 2014 | Ireland | By Administrator

We officially opened the Irish office in January 2013 and it’s been some year! The direct response market in Ireland is hugely underdeveloped (until now) – in fact, I’d go so far as to say that the majority of Irish advertisers were unaware of the benefits of direct response. Enter TSW from stage left and the rest, as they say, is history! We’ve divided our time between industry suppliers, industry bodies and potential clients and I’m glad to say that we’re having a very positive effect on the market.

As all NotW readers will of course know, direct response is about acquiring volumes of customers at a controlled cost. Our Dublin office is now working regularly with more than 15 different advertisers across 11 different industries doing just that. Of those 15 clients, seven have a UK presence as well as an Irish one and we all know that you can’t beat a bit of local knowledge when it comes to advertising.

Whilst inserts and door drops form a large part of our day to day business, we’ve already expanded our portfolio to include other services, such as email data (achieving 20% open rates), door drops ( a major breakthrough for a country without postcodes!) and print (where we bring a lot more than just cost savings. See our main Ireland page for further info on all our services.

But the real story is that Ireland is proving to be a success story in its own right – the principal business gems gleaned from the UK market over the last 10 years have been tweaked for the Irish market with some great results. Please give me a ring to discuss how the Dublin team can help you with your marketing efforts.

Direct dial: +353 1 538 3001

Email: rebekahbrooks@theinserthouse.com