DM, Data, Analytics & Print

You’ll be aware there are files of highly useful consumer/marketing data out there waiting for you.

You’ll have heard that by analysing it you can discover the secrets of a better-targeted marketing campaign, and you’ll know that agencies are queuing up to promise a campaign that cuts through the noise.

But how are you going to coordinate all that lot efficiently and cost-effectively?

With TSW's print team: the single, specialist source for DM, data, analytics and print.

It means we can offer you a communication solution cut to your cloth, from buying and negotiating the right data at the right price; to unlocking the insights it holds; to creative proposition, production, print and distribution.

You get a ‘media-savvy’ print approach, expertise in customer retention and marketing services, and an excellent record in customer acquisition, all from one central source.

Remember, a one-stop shop means you don’t have to shop around: you just deal with one contact, aware of your campaign’s progress at each stage, saving you the headaches of coordination, costs and quality control.