News of the Works Blue Ocean issue

02 February 2015 | News of the Works | By Administrator
Ocean Views of the Works

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2015 in which we are completely immersed in Blue Ocean Strategy

We were a Blue Ocean company without realising it, actively seeking out uncontested market space for ourselves and our clients in everything we do. Read on to find out more about how it can work for your advertising campaigns, how the ‘Marketing Gods’ do it and which sector Blue Ocean Strategy authors W.Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne think could do with a splash of it.

Blue Ocean stories

Check out how internet start-up Fliplet created their own market category (real uncontested space!) and see how you could apply the value curve to your business; TopCashback have been on the Sunday Times Virgin 100 Fast Track list for three years because they created their own Blue Ocean; DeAgostini dive in with Davina; affordable healthcare provider Bluecrest tell us how they make the competition irrelevant.

Turning media channels into Blue Oceans

Cruise the Blue Ocean with Fred Olsen; see how Gourmet Society applied the strategy to their affiliate programme and increased transactions by 340%; digital display can work for customer acquisition – just find the clear waters; value and innovation for mobile via

And some top tips on how to make mobile work for your business

Create new Blue Ocean channels

New for 2015: boost customer acquisition AND save money with AdShare and AdCredits

News from the Nordics – exciting new partnerships