The new issue of News of the Works hits the streets!

09 September 2014 | News of the Works | By Administrator

We hope that our passion shines out from this latest issue of News of The Works.

We started our business just over 11 years ago, specialising in DR. We never got the ‘easy’ brand spend - all our clients demanded direct response from their advertising – using us to stretch the media channels to the absolute max, operating in the depths of inserts and DRTV.

But the emergence of the digital world has meant significant change in buying and selling culture: just about every company wants to sell direct (or generate clicks) and therefore media channels (or ad agencies) that understand direct response are back in vogue. 

And the nature of our specialist culture is to keep on digging to unearth new ways of generating response - a taster of which is in this newsletter: Our cover story focuses on how to own a three-minute TV ad break without robbing a bank(!);we share how The Mobile House took Coral to the top of the app charts; how The Digital House have created an affiliate programme  for that has produced a nice bump in business; our creative division, Outburst, shares some tips and tricks to make your DR ads and catalogues work harder and there‘s an update on how Personar segmentation is being used to boost ROI by separating the early birds from the late bookers. Plus the secret of being paid more without working harder and how to make a killing in the Nordic region!  Also, check out our charity exploits. 

I do hope you enjoy this issue. Many thanks, as always, to our clients and to those of you considering a media or creative brief – you can always count on us to be accountable.

Jim Lewcock
The Specialist Works
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