Digital and Mobile

Plenty of people will have you believe that digital and mobile are the ‘difficult teenagers’ of the media channels – still growing, a bit aloof, hard to understand. So perhaps it’s best left to those that are ‘down with the kids’.

Don’t listen: it’s as ‘difficult’ as some choose to make it. The thing to remember is that, just like any communications channel, digital and mobile have a responsibility to you and your marketing budget.

From pre-campaign planning through to post-campaign analysis, TSW will help you with every aspect of your projects. And we’ll also track the performance of every penny you spend. We’ll show you the return you can expect; and you can measure the return you get. 

We’re not tied to any one technology provider, media owner or advertising network. What’s the point in that? We figure you’d prefer some flexibility over how your media spend and objectives are managed.

You'll have help with every aspect of design, user experience and SEO, so your website functions more effectively on every device. We’ll guide you through the labyrinth of operating systems and potential inventory buying points.

Whatever advice you need: on paid search, affiliate campaigns, building an app, the advantages of Android over iOS or vice versa, whether your game should operate on a paid-for or ‘freemium’ model, you can speak to a technical specialist who’ll talk business sense. And now we can tell you what effect your TV advertising is having on your app business.

We think you’d rather work with people who are digital geeks in the office, but real people when in your company. Responsibility, accountability and business sense from digital marketing – don’t believe all you hear about today’s youth.