Targeting with Personar

AGREE with your customer for maximum results

You already know that marketing success comes from targeting the right people, with the right message, at the right time – except that problematically the ‘right message’ is subjective. Each individual customer decides whether a message is right for them.Your message has a much better chance of success if it AGREES with what a customer already thinks, rather than trying to change their mind.

Now, by using Personar you can know how your customers think. All you need to do is agree with them…

Personar is a ground-breaking national attitudinal database for media/data planning and creative communications. Personar has been built in partnership with Greenstone Data Solutions, using their 38 million-strong Orchard database. The resulting 16 specific personality types identified have fundamentally different ways of viewing the world and of gathering and processing information. In a nutshell, you will know how someone thinks and what motivates them.

As a result, creative content and execution can be tailored to personality type. Because it is empathetic and agrees with how and what they think, your customer or prospect will respond positively. On the other side of the coin, you can avoid turning customers off with inappropriate messages.

We have used different animals to illustrate the 16 personality types, so you’ll hear us talking about Owls (logical, rational, be specific and well-reasoned), Lions (big picture people, leaders, just give them the facts) and Pandas (reserved, private, intuitive, appeal to their nurturing side).

To find out how Personar can work for you, call Pippa Anag on 01732 529 360 or email

Personar is a joint venture between The Specialist Works and Greenstone Data Solutions