The 16 personalities

We have used different animals to illustrate the 16 personality types, so you’ll hear us talking about Owls (logical, rational, be specific and well-reasoned), Lions (big picture people, leaders, just give them the facts) and Pandas (reserved, private, intuitive, appeal to their nurturing side). 

QUADRANT: Logical & forward-thinking

Lions fall into the ‘Logical and forward-thinking’ quadrant. They are strategic thinkers and like their information in a structured format: facts and figures, charts and diagrams appeal to their sense of order.

They are decisive, self-assured and natural leaders. Their direct nature can sometimes be intimidating and confrontational.

Foxes fit into the ‘Logical and forward-thinking’ quadrant. Their quick-witted and impatient nature means they respond best to new ideas presented in a competent and straightforward manner. When convinced about a product or brand they will be enthusiastic communicators to their wide social circle.

They love a debate, prefer autonomy and are excellent problem-solvers.

Owls fall into the ‘Logical and forward-thinking’ quadrant. They are deep thinkers who respond best to a logical, rational approach, preferring to explore ideas and form their own conclusions. Quiet and thoughtful, they can often appear aloof and detached. They value their personal freedom and independence above all else.

Jaguars are in the ‘Logical and forward-thinking’ quadrant. They respond to information, to a knowledgeable and sensible approach. Independent thinkers, they are analytical and logical in their decision-making. They are private people, often solitary and not generally sociable, with a particular dislike of ‘small talk’. They are happy to devote time and energy to a close circle of family and friends.

QUADRANT: Creative and caring

Beavers fall into the ‘Creative and caring’ quadrant. They like to see the big picture but need strong persuasion to attend to their own needs, often neglecting themselves in favour of helping others. They are imaginative and forward-thinking, with an inclination to see the big picture. Organisation is high on their list of attributes and they make good managers.

Swans are in the ‘Creative and caring’ quadrant. Because they are idealists with a creative and artistic nature, they respond to imaginative theories and like visually-presented ideas. They are careful, intuitive listeners and like to learn. Once converted, swans can exert influence over others in their circle.

Pandas fit into the ‘Creative and caring’ quadrant. They are ‘big picture’ thinkers with a preference for information presented visually or diagrammatically. Reserved and private, their decisions are influenced by personal feelings and they like to keep their options open as long as possible. Once they are onside however, they can be passionate advocates for your brand or product. Particularly if it aims or helps to make the world a better place or help others.

Chimps are in the ‘Creative and caring’ quadrant.  They are highly creative and able to understand complex concepts and abstract thinking. Simplicity bores them – they are easily distracted and like to be intellectually challenged. Future-focused, they have powerful personal convictions and will try to convert others to their way of thinking, so can be powerful advocates on your behalf.

QUADRANT: Empathetic and practical

Dolphins are in the ‘Empathetic and practical’ quadrant. They will instinctively respond to emotional appeals backed up with real facts and figures. New ideas and new learning experiences are attractive and appeal to their spontaneous nature. Avoidance of stress is key for this personality type.

Cats fit into the ‘Empathetic and practical’ quadrant. Perfectionists, they respond well to straightforward, practical information and like to learn by experience - ‘doers’ rather than dreamers. They are environmentally-conscious and in tune with the world around them. Cats live in the ‘here and now, rarely thinking about the future.

Penguins are in the ‘Empathetic and practical’ quadrant. This means they respond to hard facts and practical information but also have a compassionate and caring side to which to appeal. They like real-world examples and are methodical and accurate in their approach to assessing information, with a good memory for detail.

Meerkats fit into the ‘Empathetic and practical’ quadrant. They are practical and organised and like to plan and schedule. They are loyal and family-oriented with a strong mothering and rescuing drive and a need to exert control over their own environment.

QUADRANT: Realistic and organised

Squirrels are in the ‘Realistic and organised’ quadrant. They like to understand the immediate benefits and results of their decisions. Practical examples and proof hold the most appeal and they are always keen to find solutions to current problems. They like action and will take risks but have a tendency to avoid long-term commitments.

Bears fit into the ‘Realistic and organised’ quadrant. They make quick, spontaneous decisions and prefer factual information to use in the decision-making process. They are easily bored and need to be challenged, or their attention will wander. Bears are skilled at influencing others which makes them natural salespeople.

Elephants fall into the ‘Realistic and organised’ quadrant. They like order and organisation and respond best to practical, real-world solutions. They are family-oriented, hard-working and like to feel in control of their lives. They place a high value on tradition, rules and security and set high standards for themselves and their loved-ones.

Dogs are in the ‘Realistic and organised’ quadrant. They respond to visual content and like practical and measurable examples, plenty of information and a logical approach. Responsible, loyal and supportive of family and friends, they prefer to live in the here and now rather than look to the future.

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