About us

The best customer acquisition agency on the planet!

At The Specialist Works, we aim to be the best customer acquisition agency on the planet! Our ambition has always been to give you:

  • A thumping advantage over your competitors

  • Energised teams who really know their stuff and over-deliver

  • The time to offer great service… and be exciting and fun to work with

We have made major changes at TSW which will mean an upgraded service built around our clients:

A single agency brand: The Specialist Works

All of our channel-based services remain in place but we are retiring all of the ‘House’ brands: Broadcast House, Creative House, Mobile House, Insert House, Press House, Digital House, Print House and Data House. Our commitment to specialism is unwavering; we still believe that specialist planning and execution are the keys to the greatest possible ROI.

The services we currently provide are now supplied by The Specialist Works. Plus performance creative and production from the TSW Creative (formerly Creative House) team.

The new, streamlined TSW  allows our specialist teams to focus on ambitious, high-growth businesses. This enables our people to spend more time on our key clients’ objectives.

For example, if you use TSW for media only, you can have a creative workshop to make your existing ad or DM more responsive. Or, if TSW is your offline media agency, you’ll still have a senior digital specialist to help maximise TV-driven response via Google or the iOS App Store.

Wherever our specialist thinking can make a difference to your results, we’ll make it available to you.

The team has been boosted with a senior client-side direct marketer to help improve the value of each customer you acquire – and set up powerful partnerships with other brands in the TSW network.

You will have easy access to international markets through the TSW teams based in the most popular export locations: USA, Germany, the Nordics and Eire. Plus a network of hand-picked partners in other territories.

And most importantly, our people are excited about the new TSW. You’ll find the team pumped up and energised by the changes. We are investing significantly in training and in new tools, many of which are exclusive and bespoke-built around our clients’ needs.

You will hear more over the coming weeks as we roll out our ‘service upgrade’. And we are keen to hear your plans for 2016 and beyond. Our commitment to you is to keep improving. We look forward to growing your business.

If you have any questions about these changes and what they mean for you, get in touch with your regular contact who is primed and ready with all the information, or if you’re new to TSW, call Martin Woolley on 020 7539 6121, email martinwoolley@thespecialistworks.com